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Welcome to the UK’s largest freight exchange

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Why Haulage Exchange?

When it comes to haulage work, Haulage Exchange is an established market leader. From single vehicle owner-drivers to large haulage companies, we can help you find the very best in loads and back loads

Help when you Need it

We can help you sub-contract any haulage work which you are unable to handle. Because our operators are all vetted, you can rest assured that your sub-contracted haulage jobs and returnloads will be of the highest quality. Our expert tools are on hand to help you grow your business into profitable and highly efficient operation.

Benefits to your Business

We help to connect haulage and logistics companies with the haulage work they need to ensure that time and money are well spent. Our web pages carry over 160,000 loads per month and we can let you know when loads and back loads become available in your local area.

Nurturing Long-Term Relationships

Our service allows all stake-holders, owner-drivers, haulage companies, and freight forwarders to build a solid, trustworthy network of business contracts. All of our members are vetted before they go on our database and, in addition, all haulage jobs from freight forwarding to returnloads – receive feedback which you can consult whenever you want

With extra haulage jobs and dependable sub-contractors to take on returnloads, you will be able to take on more customers. We can therefore help you expand your business and achieve your long-term objectives

  • Over 160,000 loads, back loads and haulage jobs posted per month. This equals more haulage work for you and, ultimately, higher profits.
  • Network with more than 6,200 industry leaders and professionals and make long-term business relationships.We help you find all the capacity you need so you never have to let a customer down.
  • Our system instantly puts the returnloads you want on your screen or inbox, helping you to save a great amount of time in the process.

The all-inclusive solution

We provide you with everything you need to help your business save time,

generate more profit and reach peak efficiency.

£180 million

1 million +


Worth of contracts undertaken

annually by our members

loads added to the Exchange

this year so far

of jobs secured by our members are

paid on time or early

Member Success Stories

How H. Nickolls and Son Ltd., a business formed nearly 100 years ago, is turning to technology to preserve it for future generations. Managing Director, John Nickolls explains...

H. Nickolls and Son

As President of the NCDA, and owner of a nationwide courier business, people often ask me. “what’s more important – people or technology?” For me, it’s a moot point....

Point to Point

With a fleet of 44 trucks – most of them articulated – out on the road, Jimmy Langley, a logistics planner for Ivinghoe Haulage is a very busy man. But Langley, an experienced dispatcher...

Ivinghoe Haulage

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