Yorkshire Logistics Group

Yorkshire Logistics Group strongly believe in creating opportunities and trust within their client base, pride themselves on traditional customer values and focus driven support. They offer same day nationwide delivery, waste services, storage and distribution and can accommodate all your business transports requirements under one umbrella.

The Haulage Exchange has helped them run their day to day operations more efficiently, here’s how;

What prompted your initial interest to join us?

We did not have many customers of our own, that was the main issue as well as not having a trading platform.

Before you joined the Exchange, what problems or obstacles did you face?

Due to lack of customers, we did not have many backloads, therefore we had empty vehicles on return journeys and it was difficult to find backloads in the right areas.

Before you became a member, how did you run your operations?

We run our operations the same as we do now, the difference now is we have the backing of the Haulage Exchange, which has been of tremendous benefit to us.

What will you say are the 3 best features of Haulage Exchange?

  • We really like the accounting software
  • The booking diary and invoicing system is very helpful
  • We find the tracking system very

Since joining us, what exact problem has it helped you to resolve?

We have resolved our dead mileage issue as we can now find backloads when and where we need them thanks to the Haulage Exchange. We have also been able to build up a good customer base because of joining the Haulage Exchange.

What difference does the Exchange make in your everyday activities?

We no longer have empty loads, we don’t send drivers home without having a load, therefore no more wasted mileage.

Would you recommend us to others?

We absolutely would if the Haulage Exchange is suited to their needs, we would first make them aware of all the details as the Haulage Exchange is full of quality people.

Do use the Exchange to get extra capacity when you need it?

We do, and it has been very beneficial for us.

By getting extra capacity when you need it and using backloads, has it had an impact on the size of the fleet you need to operate yourself?

For us, it has had the opposite effect. Thanks to the Haulage Exchange, we have built up so many customer relationships to the point that we can’t physically keep up with the demand.

We have to decline quite a lot of jobs as we do not have the capacity to accept every job we get given, although we’re growing in size and in fleet.

The article was published on . It was updated on 1 July 2024 to make it more relevant and comprehensive.