Safer Growth

The success of the UK’s busiest freight exchanges is based upon members being able to trust each other to do what they say they will do, on time, professionally … and then get paid promptly for it.   To support this the Haulage Exchange benefits from one of the most extensive and widely used member-to-member feedback systems in the industry. Every day thousands of items of feedback are left by members, for members. Every piece is based on a specific job done with both parties clearly named and accountable for their performance.  This means that there are now nearly a million entries giving a clear picture of members experience and performance for members to see with just a single click.

Importantly, this is a moderated and member-only system. The Haulage Exchange Customer Service team actively monitors feedback to watch for member warning signs, system abuse and disputes. Where necessary they will  intervene with training, support, censure or more severe measures when necessary.  But don’t take our word for it, listen to the Members talk about feedback

Faster Results

Our success owes much to the expertise and experience of the people responsible for the day to day running of the Exchange. They all have a real understanding of how the industry operates and fully appreciate the challenges facing today’s haulage professionals.

Advice and Training

Our Account Managers will be happy to help you set up your Haulage Exchange account and advise you on how to manage it.

They’ll also advise on the best ways to maximise your membership to ensure you get the best return from it.

We also provide on-line training sessions to get members up to speed with the services, tools and features on the website. Just an hour or two with an expert ensures that you’re able to use the site quickly and efficiently, making full use of the features that will benefit your business most.


For any advice or assistance email us on or call 020 8896 6725 and we’ll get straight back to you.