E Park & Sons Ltd

Established in 1924, E Park & Sons Ltd began originally as an agriculture company but has diversified into transportation. Whilst the agriculture side of the business specialises in potatoes and has continued to grow, so has the transportation segment. Driven by the very demanding nature of the UK food industry, E Park & Sons Ltd have been able to translate their skills into the transportation sector to keep up  with the transportation   demands of UK food retailers. Their mission is to deliver excellence and seek continuous improvement, which they have by getting the right potatoes, to the right place at the right time and this has been the key to their success along with their passion for potatoes.

The Haulage Exchange has helped E Park & Sons Ltd to run their day to day operations more  efficiently, here’s how;

Member Since: 29/11/2016

What prompted your initial interest to join the Haulage Exchange?

We wanted to cover the empty running of our vehicles.

Before you joined the Haulage Exchange, what problems or obstacles did you face?

We had some trouble finding the right customers and getting backloads to cover the empty running of our vehicles.

Before you became a member of the Haulage Exchange, how did you run your operations?

Our operations weren’t very efficient, our vehicles often ran and returned empty and it got to a stage where it just wasn’t paying.

What will you say are the 3 best features of Haulage Exchange?

  • On the Haulage Exchange platform, the companies on there are very reliable
  • The payments have been very good so far
  • Not anybody can join the Exchange, you must be reputable with up to date documentation and clear of all checks

Since joining the Haulage Exchange, what exact problem has it helped you to resolve?

With the help of the Haulage Exchange, we have now solved empty running and backloads issue, our vehicles no longer run empty like they did previously.

What difference does the Haulage Exchange make in your everyday activities?

The rates of the exchange are better than other services which is helpful for us, we get a lot of work posted in our direction and out of those we select the ones which are suitable for us. We have also built up relationships with companies from the Exchange which is also a big help to us.

Would you recommend the Haulage Exchange to others?

Yes absolutely, as matter of fact, I have already recommended a colleague who has joined the Exchange.

Do you use the Exchange to get extra capacity when you need it?

Yes, that’s correct, if a see a job in the direction I’m heading towards, I’ll ring up and try to get it.

By getting extra capacity when you need it and using backloads, has it had an impact on the size of

the fleet you need to operate yourself? For instance, have you been able to retire older vehicles.

We have kept the same fleet size, however our vehicles no longer run empty like they did before and I find that we now operate more efficiently.