Pink Parrot Trading Ltd

With has over 30 years of experience in the haulage business, a team of reliable and trustworthy drivers and a fleet of 44 tonne articulated vehicles, Pink Parrot Trading Ltd is a significant and immaculate haulage company. Their team of experts offer UK wide and European haulage services, commercial and domestic storage as well as cardboard collection, storage and re-cycling.

The Haulage Exchange has helped Pink Parrot to run their day to day operations more efficiently, here’s how;

Member Since: 28/01/2016

What prompted your initial interest to join the Haulage Exchange?

We didn’t know much about the Haulage Exchange, it was recommended to us by a friend of ours and we joined.

Before you joined the Haulage Exchange, what problems or obstacles did you face?

The main problem we faced was backloading, a lot of time was spent making calls to hauliers to try and find backloads for our vehicles. We also had some difficulty reaching out to new customers.

Before you became a member of the Haulage Exchange, how did you run your operations?

We used another system, we now use both systems simultaneously. The Haulage Exchange has been of tremendous benefit to our business.

What will you say are the 3 best features of haulage exchange?

  • I really like and appreciate the live availability map, it’s very useful, accurate and a great tool
  • The directory, which gives us access to all the other members of the Haulage Exchange
  • The usability, I find that the system is very easy to use, which is very good for us

Since joining the Haulage Exchange, what exact problem has it helped you to resolve?

Thanks to Haulage Exchange with their large and in-depth database, we have been able to reach out to more people for backloads, and from there we have built up a strong customer base.

What difference does the Haulage Exchange make in your everyday activities?

It has made work more profitable for us, which we very much appreciate.

Would you recommend the Haulage Exchange to others?

Yes, we would, the Haulage Exchange is a great platform that is very easy to use and we wholeheartedly recommend it.