Ras International Ltd

RAS International as their name suggests handle international road, air and sea deliveries both within the UK and globally and they are good at it. RAS International is the UK’s fastest growing freight delivery service, operating a 24-hour service. 7 days a week with a network of over 4,000 road vehicles of different ranges, RAS International can transport any size or weight of payload and transfer your goods in the most efficient way. They have also developed a reputation for achieving the tightest of ‘Just in Time’ deliveries to the manufacturing sector as well as an unsurpassed ‘White Glove’ service for premium brands.

The Haulage Exchange has helped RAS International Ltd to run their day to day operations more efficiently, here’s how;

Member Since: 01/11/2016

What prompted your initial interest to join the Haulage Exchange?

We wanted to connect with the members which would make it easier for us to build relationships. We also wanted to find loads for our vehicles.

Before you joined the Haulage Exchange, what problems or obstacles did you face?

We had trouble finding the right people to build relationships up with, but with the Haulage Exchange this has become easy to.

Before you became a member of the Haulage Exchange, how did you run your operations?

By phone usually, we would look for work by calling different people and by calling our existing customers to see if they have work available.

What will you say are the 3 best features of haulage exchange?

  • It easy to build good long-lasting relationships
  • You can find loads very easily
  • The feedback system is very good, useful and informative

Since joining the Haulage Exchange, what exact problem has it helped you to resolve?

It is now easier for us to find loads for our vehicles, if we have empty vehicles, we can easily inform the members on the Haulage Exchange. They can see where our vehicles are and if they have loads that need to be carried in that area, they will contact us, so we don’t always have to find them, with the Haulage Exchange they find us.

What difference does the Haulage Exchange make in your everyday activities?

Efficiency is the main difference, our operations now run more efficient and effectively. Our everyday activities are easier to operate and the rate of errors has been significantly reduced as all the details are on the Haulage Exchange and it’s easy understand.

Would you recommend the Haulage Exchange to others?

Yes of course, because it makes operations more efficient and easier to operate, you can easily build up con­nections and relationships.

Do you use the Exchange to get extra capacity when you need it?

Yes, absolutely

By getting extra capacity when you need it and using backloads, has it had an impact on the size of the fleet you need to operate yourself? For instance, have you been able to retire older vehicles.

We have experienced the opposite effect, although we now operate more effectively and efficiently, we have increased the size of our fleet because we now have more work coming our way because of joining the Haulage Exchange.