Thousands of businesses, large and small, right across the transport sector, rely upon the Exchange every day to make the difference between a lost opportunity and a profitable load.

Go further

Exchange Pro takes that one step further and gives qualifying members a growth engine for increased profits, turnover and agility. Exchange Pro members get more visibility, exposure and control through a range of exclusive tools, user privileges and support. With Exchange Pro businesses can make more and better use of both their own assets and those of their virtual networks.

‘Who you know’ matters

The Exchange has already proven itself as the UK’s leading freight collaboration platform. Members that achieve Exchange Pro status are the ‘business partners of choice’ in the community, consistently able to offer
and demand the highest rates. Exchange Pro users don’t just have a higher profile amongst their peers. They also have the greatest range of resources at their disposal…from tightly integrated, cross-platform telematics to a dedicated team of Exchange Pro support staff.

Value of Visibility

The UK’s busiest freight exchanges rely upon getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Exchange Pro members are able to integrate access to those millions of load/miles every week into their own business processes, seamlessly and safely. Whether it’s proactive job opportunity alerts based upon the real-time availability of their vehicles or smart-matching of their posted loads to just the right partner for them….Exchange Pro members can see more and do more.

From smartphone-based apps to the most sophisticated telematics platforms, Exchange Pro users get unparalleled job and vehicle visibility across all their fleets.

In control

For many businesses the Exchange is their ‘secret weapon’ to allow them to ‘punch above their weight’ in their sector. Exchange Pro membership brings the control needed for that extra power. Whether it’s pro-active alerting or role-relevant dashboards, Exchange Pro users are consistently able to react faster and benefit more from the opportunities the Exchange delivers every day.

Exchange Pro qualifying companies get first access to the latest Exchange services and features. As standard they get the complete suite of tracking, management, reporting and business services.

Smart Context and Location Engine

Behind the UK’s busiest Exchange lies our unique ‘SCALE’ technology. The result of several million pounds of R&D investment, it uses state-of-the-art telematics integration and sophisticated member profiles to help you match the right job with the right partner…fast.

Exchange Pro members have cosnistently shown they have the right attitude, ability and standards needed to get the job done…whether they’re using their own vehicles, a regular subcontractor or another Haulage Exchange member for the first time.

Reach further

There are thousands of haulage companies benefiting from the Haulage Exchange every day and Exchange Pro members benefit the most. By committing to ‘Pro’ membership organizations, whatever their size, are able to extend the reach of their businesses winning new customers and growing existing relationships.

Exchange Pro users gain greater visibility and control of the jobs that matter the most to them with real-time tracking, enhanced support and better reporting as well as exclusive access to new features like messaging, dashboards and improved subcontractor management options.

Exchange Pro is a programme of benefits, member recognition and services designed to highlight and reward the very best Haulage organizations in the industry, irrespective of their size.  Participation in the programme is free to qualifying member organisations.   For more details contact your customer support specialist or visit us on the web.

For more information or to apply please contact us today on 0208 896 6764 or submit a ticket by emailing .