Our advanced online platform is reliable, secure and includes a range of features that put you firmly in control of your business.

Notification System

Our notification system provides alerts when delivery work or driver capacity is available – but only to those members in the area who are ready for work, or wanting to place a load.  We don’t waste your time with distracting messages that are out of your area or when you are not ready to take delivery work on. It is an effective system for both buyers and sellers. It ensures you know about loads or available drivers and vehicles – as soon as they become available.

Industry Network

Haulage Exchange is a network of over 6,400 fully accredited industry professionals.

That means a huge resource of work and resources all over the country to call on. It also means a wealth of valuable contacts. We make it easy to start building the long term business relationships you need to secure a profitable future in delivery work.

Collaborative Tools

Paperwork is always a headache and time spent on administration is time when you could be concentrating on profitable business. Our booking diary and invoicing system helps you take care of all the details, and generates all the records you need. Working with multiple suppliers and customers can be an administrative nightmare. We make it simple.


You need to know who you are dealing with and who you can trust.

All members on the Haulage Exchange undergo strict accreditation before they are allowed to join, ensuring they are fully compliant. In addition, our member-rates-member system provides up to date feedback about every member. When you want to work with a new contact, check our feedback listing – see what other businesses like yours say.

Freight Marketplace

Our freight marketplace covers the country, and is easy to search location by location. Check where vehicles are and see loads in the vicinity. Search and post loads on our Good to Move (GTM’s) page – or search and post Return Journeys (RJ’s).
With over 170,000 loads posted per month, you are likely to find the work you need.