Raymond Brown Haulage

Being his own boss is a dream come true for founder Nick Brown. After the business’ two year anniversary and plans for expansion he may find himself being somebody else’s boss soon.

Raymond Brown Haulage was established in March 2013 by Nick Brown. The business operates from its base in Kenilworth and specialises in the transportation of general haulage. Based in Warwickshire the independent haulier prides itself on offering high-quality service nationwide.

The company owns one 44 tonne DAF XF95.480 tractor unit and two curtain-sided trailers. The tractor unit operates in compliance with Euro 3 emission standards and uses an after-market navigation system. The curtain-sided trailers enable the business to carry a wide range of commodities and at present, it has an ‘anything and everything’ policy with 75% of its cargo being pallets.

Raymond Brown Haulage had been established for only six months when it decided to become a member of Haulage Exchange, as it wanted to find ways to network and to find regular work opportunities that would mature into long-standing business relationships.

As an Exchange member, the company had to pass a detailed accreditation process and its paperwork is continuously monitored by the system. The Exchange provides Raymond Brown Haulage Ltd with a real-time platform to view available haulage work throughout the UK with an easy to use web-based platform.

Additionally, the Exchange Mobile App enables the company to update its availability status should it wish to advertise its availability and location to other members.

“My business has really benefitted from being a member of Haulage Exchange and without it, I would’ve not been able to establish working relationships with the number of companies that I have, and still continue to do.”

He continues “The obvious benefit is the reduction in empty running, and for me personally it enables me and my vehicle to remain visible to other members once I am on the road.” The business celebrated its second anniversary in September 2015, a milestone that Nick is extremely proud of. He also recently invested in a second curtain-sided trailer, which marks the start of his plans to expand his fleet.

Regarding the future, Nick has ambitious plans for steadily growing the company.

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