No matter how smoothly things are going, there is always room for improvement – and the Haulage Exchange platform is here for those in the business of delivery work.

Are you looking to make your operations more efficient? Want to make the most of each pickup and delivery? Work smarter not harder with HX.

If you’re a self-employed owner driver or fleet manager, you know the importance of maximising your operations efficiency. Fill out the form below and one of our team members will reach out to help you get started.

How HX Members Can Utilise Delivery Work to Make Their Operations More Efficient in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Reduce Dead Mileage

When your delivery work takes you from one county (or country) to another, you’re automatically paying for the fuel and the driver’s time for a return trip. However, if your truck is empty on the way back, you’re not offsetting your costs with any profit. That’s dead mileage – something that has long been dreaded and, for a time, inevitable.

With the Haulage Exchange platform, dead mileage can become a thing of the past. If one of your drivers find themselves load-less after a delivery, work can easily be drummed up through our real-time app. Just log on to see return loads and snap up the ones that best suit you.

Step 2: Find Subcontracted Drivers

If you need to subcontract any delivery work, you can see who is nearby and looking for jobs on the live availability map. Cut out the guess and check system – you’ll know in an instant which drivers are free.

Step 3: Get It Right the First Time

Nothing is more frustrating than being let down by a driver. When you use an HX partner, you can be confident that the job will be done right the first time. Our members have all be accredited, meaning you have a top team of drivers right at your fingertips. There is even a system in place that encourages members to provide feedback for each other after each completed job, so you’ll know exactly who you’re getting before you ever offer them work.

How Does It Work?

A membership with Haulage Exchange is the perfect way to optimise your efficiency. When delivery work is available in your area or an area you wish to pick up a return load from, you will receive real-time notifications.

Drivers will have full control over when and where they work by posting and editing their availability and preferred destinations. Companies interested in subcontracting someone for delivery work will be alerted of these changes. Businesses and drivers alike will be able to work with their perfect professional partners on their own time. Once the job has been completed, they can rate each other.

In short:

  • Make your availability known to Dispatch Managers
  • Give other members feedback
  • Get real-time notifications about available jobs

Want to bid for one of these return loads?

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  • Getting backloads has become much easier but we do not have a fleet or drivers as we just post work out. However, the Haulage Exchange has helped us build our own network of reliable drivers which has made our operations significantly more effective and efficient.

    TVS Supply Chain Solutions

If you’re like TVS Supply Chain Solutions and outsource some or all of your delivery work, the Haulage Exchange platform is a fantastic way to find reliable, trusted drivers to work with time and time again.

Become a member of Haulage Exchange and immediately begin enhancing your operations


Work with our members to scoop up or send off extra work, and you’ll never have to turn down another job.

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Say goodbye to dead mileage and maximise profits by taking
advantage of return loads.

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From real-time apps to live action maps,
our members are spoiled for choice with our suite of professional tools.

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Your future business partners are waiting to help you expand and grow further than you ever imagined possible.

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More Than One Benefit

The Haulage Exchange Platform is a fantastic way to network with other professionals in the logistics industry. A membership will allow you to will join a community of over 5,600 likeminded, trustworthy individuals and businesses and foster mutually beneficial working relationships with these vetted and verified members, all while building and growing your own company.

Other pros include:

• A mobile app to connect you and your drivers no matter where you are
• Member accreditation and feedback
• 1.2 million+ transactions each year

  • Haulage Exchange has connected us with a nationwide network of trusted partners to make better use of our available assets and provide added capacity whenever required.

    H. Crabtree

Don’t just take H. Crabtree’s word for it – join our community and see for yourself how your success can skyrocket when you team up with the fantastic members of the Haulage Exchange platform.

Ready to Step Up Your Game?

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