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Welcome to the UK’s largest Freight Exchange

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Why Haulage Exchange?

When it comes to haulage work, Haulage Exchange is an established market leader. From single vehicle owner-drivers to large haulage companies, we can help you find the very best in loads and back loads

Return Journeys

With the tools available on the Haulage Exchange platform, you can improve your bottom line by eliminating ‘dead’ mileage, maximising vehicle usage, and increasing the profitability of owner operator jobs.

  • With one click on our mobile application, drivers can post journeys (dead mileage)
  • Dispatch Managers can post unused capacity (dead mileage) and instantly see availability of vehicles

Key Features

Load Matching

Haulage Exchange provides a comprehensive network of experienced industry professionals and vehicles, enabling real-time load matching between members across the platform. Enhance and grow your business by increasing opportunities for owner operator jobs and building valuable long-term relationships with other exchange members.

Key Features

  • Over 6,400 professional members
  • In excess of over 1.2 million movements transacted every year
  • Pro-actively managed service
  • Thousands of available vehicles

Load Notifications

Haulage companies and drivers receive instant email notification of jobs via mobile phone or desktop.

Key Features

  • Communicate with drivers on the roads of Greater London
  • Establish and save custom contact lists
  • Create and save pre-defined messages
  • Handy record of all communication

Mobile App

Our innovative smartphone application provides the functionality to remain connected to the platform even while you’re out on the road, allowing you to receive notifications of potential owner operator jobs and register real-time availability status for return journeys anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Key Features

  • Receive real-time notifications for potential loads in your current location
  • Post and edit your availability and destination information
  • Collect and send Proof of Delivery (PODs)

2-Way Diary and Accounting Module

With our 2-Way diary, administration of multiple sub-contractors and partner companies is vastly simplified. Smaller operators are afforded accurate reporting on orders and outstanding balances, and the process of invoicing is expedited for both exchange and non-exchange clients.

Key Features

  • Generate comprehensive reports
  • Create and send VAT invoices and advice notes
  • Complete and instantly view or send Proof of Delivery
  • Produce invoice and pay statement

Accreditation and Ratings

By maintaining a membership with a high standard of professionalism, Haulage Exchange continues to set the industry benchmark. Our accreditation scheme allows transparency so members know who they’re doing business with, and provides the opportunity to add feedback on individual jobs.

Key Features

  • Post and view member feedback
  • All members of Haulage Exchange are accredited

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