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The #1 freight exchange platform in the UK where your haulage business can thrive

Over 8,000 transport professionals have come together on one platform and it’s for a good reason – 300,000+ loads posted monthly and smart digital workflow tools to help your haulage business reach its untapped potential.

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Boost your profits on Haulage Exchange

With 300,000+ loads posted monthly, if you’re a haulage company looking for more work, you’ll never be in short supply. Plus, if you manage a fleet and you need to shift the workload and need extra backup, you can count on the Exchange network to help you keep your freight moving and your customers happy.

Freight Forwarders are looking for your services

One of the main reasons freight forwarders are drawn to our platform is that we thoroughly vet every member before they can start operating. Haulage Exchange has been in the industry for 20 years and has established an infallible reputation for experienced hauliers quoting on posted loads. This is why freight forwards rest assured that their freight is in the right hands.

Why Haulage Exchange is right for your business

Starting a membership with us is an investment for your haulage business. We provide you with smart solutions that boost your workflow and help you reach your untapped potential. With thousands of transport professionals coming together on one platform, your networking opportunities are endless.

  • A feedback system that ensures you work with the best in the industry, allowing you to build long-lasting business relationships
  • Grow your contact list and network with haulage professionals across the UK  
  • No hassle to keep your freight moving: save time with our platform’s innovative load-matching feature to find the right haulier and vehicle type for your load requirements
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Manage your fleet from anywhere with CX Fleet 3.0

A powerful app designed to keep your fleet loaded and on the move, no matter where you are.

With top features of the Exchange platform in your pocket, you can think bigger, achieve more and boost your productivity.

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We love the live tracking feature and the platform's smart load matching system.
It generates a steady supply of back loads, meaning our vans return home fully laden far more often than not.

Mark Sergeant, Diamond Logistics

The all-inclusive solution suite

We provide you with everything you need to help your business save time, generate more profit and reach peak efficiency.

Return Journeys

Reduce dead mileage and keep your vehicle running at full capacity with our load-matching solution.

My Fleet

Get full visibility of your fleet activity and manage all vehicles in one place.


Organise your day and reach your goals with our digital diary solution.


Take control of your business opportunities without leaving the platform using our instant e-quote solution.


Join CX Euro and be a part of the highest calibre of transport professionals in the industry.

Reduce your dead mileage

Keep your vehicle running at full capacity at all times with our load-matching solution based on your live location. Update your future destination and we’ll match your vehicle to loads going the same way.

Enjoy full fleet visibility

Control every aspect of your fleet’s activity – vehicle status, tracked location, future positions and return journeys. You can also amend vehicle visibility by setting them individually to private or public.

Handle all activity in one place

Keep track of your loads, drivers, business partners, vehicles and reviews in one place, and get detailed reports on any completed or outstanding work.

Get instant quotes

Quickly and easily manage all your quotes in one place, and accept bookings directly from the platform. With the ability to view a member’s feedback rating, you can either decide to move forward with a quote or not.

Work with accredited transport professionals

Whether you’re taking work or subcontracting it, rest assured that each member has passed our rigorous vetting process. Additionally, all businesses are under strict regulations to keep their documents, certifications and licenses up to date.


What is Haulage Exchange (HX)?

Haulage Exchange is the UK’s leading freight exchange platform for owner drivers, haulage companies and freight forwarders. With 8,000+ trusted transport professionals in our network, it’s the perfect place to find thousands of daily load opportunities, build lasting business relationships and reach profit goals with our digital tools and solutions.

What can Haulage Exchange do for my business?

With our smart, real-time trading platform, members can advertise vacant capacity to find more haulage work and post loads needing transportation. Our smart load-matching system, together with an accurate member vetting system guarantees you the highest level of professionalism.

How is Haulage Exchange better than other platforms?

HX was one of the very first freight exchange platforms in operation and has been around for over 20 years now. We value all our members and continuously work on providing them with incredible digtial tools and solutions that help them achieve their business goals. We place great importance on transparency, which is why all of our members on the Exchange rate each other after a haulage job is completed.

How do I join Haulage Exchange?

If you are registering as an owner-operator, we require:

  • Your operator licence
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Goods in transit insurance

If you are registering as a haulage company, we require:

  • Your operator licence
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Your certificate of incorporation of a private limited company

If you are registering as a freight forwarder to post loads (UK and EU), we require:

  • 2 x proofs of address dated within the last 3 months
  • A signed letter of responsibility

Can my company join Haulage Exchange?

All members go through a thorough vetting and compliance process. This is so we can make sure that you are working with only the highest calibre of haulage professionals on the Exchange. After registering with us, you will be asked to provide your full company details including accreditation documents like insurance and licenses. Once all your documents have been screened and everything is in order, you will officially become part of the Haulage Exchange family.

Is Haulage Exchange only for national operators?

No. You decide whether to accept work locally, regionally, nationally or internationally. Whether you are an independent contractor, a small business with one office, or part of a multi-national operation, Haulage Exchange gives you the opportunity to expand your opportunities across the UK and into Europe.

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