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The average number of daily loads posted to HX

2.27 million

The number of loads delivered by HX members in 2023


The average member-to-member positive feedback rating on HX

By posting a load on the system, we can always get a vehicle from a reputable company to pick up the part within 40 minutes to an hour.

David McBride

U Trak Logistics

People were surprised to hear we weren’t using the Exchange already. And when we looked up all the information we could find, we realised the Exchange would be useful for us.

Robert Lakomski

Virtus Logistics

On our website, we claim we collect from anywhere in the UK in 60 minutes. To be honest, that’s because of HX. We get a job, put it on the platform and drivers quote. We go from there.

Lee Gueller

Red Rocket Couriers

HX gives us access to thousands of compliant owner drivers.

John Weir

Monarch Transport

The added visibility and control from the vehicle tracking integration allows us to work closely with our partners, streamline our transport planning and boost the profitability of our business.

Andy Ling

Redhead Couriers

This HX platform is without doubt the best transport / shipping platform in the UK hands down!

Barry Little

Simpex Express

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