1.2 million+ movements nationwide per year

  • The Exchange has enabled us to build excellent relationships with other hauliers based on trust, transparency and security. It's an incredible system. I've been astounded.

    Rhys Hackling, Direct Connect Logistics
  • Blue-whale3 In the courier and haulage business, you hear people talking about how they got a nice long job, and then another one comes in collecting nearby and going in the same direction. That is the element of luck. But if you are a courier and haulage business that is not fully utilising your fleet capacity, using vehicle tracking with the freight exchange platform is a much easier and more reliable way to make sure you are in the right place at the right time to find and secure back loads.

    John Sutton, Blue Whale Logistics
  • rory 2.3 The added visibility and control we are already seeing from the Navman vehicle tracking integration enables us to work closer with our partners, streamline our transport planning and boost the profitability of our business. The integration also has the benefit that we can publish our available fleet capacity without having to enter this information manually into the Exchange website.

    Rory Ling, Redhead Couriers
  • Haulage Exchange has become an invaluable tool within our business that we use on a daily basis to fill empty return loads within our operation and handle any surplus work we are unable to handle ourselves. This has been achieved by collaborating with highly professional and valued members that share our commitment to quality, performance and personal service.

    Tony Perkins, H Crabtree Ltd
  • nick3 I have always dreamed of being my own boss and the Exchange has made this possible by giving access to significant business opportunities and a trusted network of partners. It provides over 95 percent of my work and I am able to fill capacity wherever I am.

    Nick Brown, Raymond Brown Haulage Ltd
  • Haulage Exchange has made such a contribution to our recent success, virtually eliminating empty capacity and increasing the profitability of the business. In our first full month we gained over £8,000 representing a 20 percent boost to our turnover. 

    Dawn Hancock, AE Hancock
  • The Exchange has done a great job. It has given us the level of coverage that we needed and some of the transport contracts we have today wouldn't have been possible without this platform.

    Jamie Boyd, Managing Director, Today Team
  • From the moment we joined we immediately picked up new clients and it was a trend which was set to continue as our reputation within the Exchange grew. Being a member of the Exchange opened up new markets and generated continuous work.

    Ryan Wicks, Falcon Print Transport
  • terry3Haulage Exchange enabled Woods Transport to cover jobs nationwide via the use of sub-contractors. Since becoming a member almost a year ago our annual turnover tripled with the use of this extensive network.

    Terry Woods, Woods Transport
  • gary2.3The Exchange has provided Fat Solutions with an extensive network of well matched connections in the haulage work industry. The combined use of TomTom tracking integration and the Exchange Mobile App creates a great solution to minimise empty running and maximise profits. 

    Gary Armstrong, Fat Solutions

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Trade work on the busiest freight exchange network


Find return loads so you don’t come home empty


Eliminate unnecessary administration and paperwork


Sub-contract Haulage jobs to other accredited members

  • How many subbies do you need right now?

    With over 6,400 transport businesses using our Exchange we have all the subcontractors haulage companies can need, and with our game changing “Live Availability Map” you can find the right vehicle in the right place at the right time, every time.

  • Handled with ease! 32% more loads posted this year

    Since the launch of the all new Haulage Exchange platform we have seen exceptional growth in member numbers and available work. In fact, confirmed bookings have risen by over 32% in the past 12 months and show no sign of slowing down.

  • The service for haulage companies professionals

    Haulage Exchange is the leading marketplace for haulage companies and freight delivery professionals. With over 38,625 users already using our service we help enable collaborative logistics, helping you form trading partnerships to drive your business forward.

  • Find and trade haulage work

    The Haulage Exchange service enables members to find and trade transport contracts to maximize their business’ efficiency and profitability. A quick, easy and efficient service that helps members locate extra back loads and find reliable trading partners to whom they can safely sub-contract.

  • Work with business you can trust

    All members are fully accredited by us so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a trusted network of suppliers and trading partners. Over the last 19 years, Haulage Exchange has grown in to the leading transport Exchange in the country with over 6,400 member businesses offering haulage companies a safe and secure environment in which to trade.

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New messaging tool is coming soon

Messaging tool to be launched on Haulage Exchange. Will improve member-to-member and user-to-user communications and reduce administration and streamline operational processes for internal teams and trading partners.

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Record year on the Exchange

Record year for Transport Exchange Group following a 25 per cent rise in the number of loads handled through its leading freight trading platforms, Courier and Haulage Exchange, due to demand from transport businesses for added capacity.

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1000th Navman Teletrak integration

Transport Exchange Group and Teletrac Navman celebrate 1,000th vehicle integration allowing tracked Exchange members to advertise their available capacity and increased visibility throughout the supply chain.

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