Telematics Integrations

Integrate your tracked vehicles with our platform to get the most out of the Exchange.

Haulage Exchange has partnerships with several major Telematics providers that are fully integrated with the Exchange, so if you are using any of them, integrating with our platform will be easy as pie. If we haven’t yet created an integration with your current supplier, we would be more than happy to speak to them about this to get you integrated.

Why you should integrate with the Exchange

We recommend you integrate your tracked vehicles with our platform so that you can access real-time load opportunities and build transparent, long-lasting relationships with other members. Whether you are subcontracting or quoting on a load, integration helps you get the most out of the Exchange.

Our Telematics partners

If you’re already using a tracking solution for your business, you can put that tracking to good use and get a whole lot more with it on the Exchange. Here is a list of our partners:

How it works

  1. Once your real-time vehicle location data is integrated with the Exchange, your traffic desk can provide you with extra information like capacity status (whether your vehicle is loaded, part-full, empty) as well as specify that vehicle’s upcoming destination.
  2. You can decide on each vehicle’s visibility on the Exchange. You can choose to advertise information to the general Exchange, only to trading partners, or even keep your vehicle’s details private only to be seen by your own business. No matter which visibility option you choose, you will still be able to see your fleet and loads posted in real-time on our Live Availability Map. You will also receive automated email notifications for recently posted loads based on the live location of your tracked vehicles integrated with the Exchange.
  3. Our map is automatically updated in real-time, which makes our platform perfectly suited for being displayed on a large screen in your office. This way, you can keep track of loads and vehicles more easily and make informed business decisions.

The benefits

The costs involved

There is a small monthly charge for each vehicle that is integrated with the Exchange. Apart from that, you will continue to pay your Telematics provider as usual.  

*Please note: A successful integration with the Exchange means you need a valid Haulage Exchange subscription. For more information, fill in the form below or call us on 0208 993 7100.