How ASA Express turned their ‘dead miles’ into profit on the Haulage Exchange


ASA Express delivers goods, across the UK, for B2B customers. In fact, they’ve been delivering goods for 19 years now – so they’re no strangers to the transport industry. 

Seeing a lot of dead miles on their backload journeys, Managing Director, Pele Binning, decided his business would benefit from joining HX in October 2022. HX offered a quick and easy solution to reducing ASA’s dead miles during drivers’ return journeys back home. 

Since being on HX for seven months now, ASA have a revenue thirty-six times their initial investment. 

7 months

as an HX member


loads taken from platform


return on investment


ASA joined HX because it was a business requirement: they needed to dilute the cost of overheads and fuel on their return journeys. 

Pele explains, “We’ve always delivered outbound, but we needed inbound traffic for our trucks coming back home empty. [With HX], customers now pay us to bring their product, even though we’re just coming back home.” 

We have our core customers who we deliver to across the UK, day in day out, and we back it up with support on our backloads using HX.

Pele Binning, ASA Express


In just over seven months Pele is pleased to report he has reduced company dead miles by completing 296 more loads on HX.

Since joining, ASA have built contacts with new suppliers – and now, just under a quarter of their revenue comes from direct bookings. What started as a business requirement to reduce “dead miles” has generated a significant profit and several new suppliers. 

I can’t knock the onboarding and support we’ve received on the Exchange. We’ve had continuous help and support since joining.

Pele Binning, ASA Express

He also doubles down on the security of HX: “One of the main things we love about the Exchange is how users are all verified. We want to keep our business clean and free of scammers.”


Pele is pleased with his results. His company’s dead miles are low, his return on investment is high and his team receive continuous help, support, and training on the platform.

“You must apply the man hours. Be on the Exchange every day and put in the work – you’ll see the best results that way,” he adds, as a word of encouragement. 

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