Blue Whale Logistics

After turning over a quarter of a million in the first year Blue Whale Logistics was set up. It has since established itself as a highly successful and reliable logistics and haulage company in the industry. During its first few years the company achieved an average 28% annual growth. The company has since employed fifteen general staff, six drivers, three warehouse staff and five office workers. The Leicester based business has a wide area of operations, working both locally, nationwide and in Europe. Blue Whale Logistics began operations with a single Mercedes Sprinter. Today the business runs a fleet with a full range of vehicles from small vans to Moffett and crane offload vehicles.

Some of the vehicles are manufactured specifically to ensure they are able to carry loads of all shapes and sizes.

The business provides a high quality transport service to its clients, from a small daily run for a national bakery company to a large contract transporting one thousand port-a-loos for the Glastonbury Festival, also the Olympics.

The company recently relocated its office to Enderby from  its original site. Now is has a 6,000 square foot warehouse to accommodate its overnight operations and uses three other sites across the county where in excess of 2000 pallets are stored. Since becoming a member of the Haulage Exchange five years ago, Blue Whale Logistics has been able to forge great working relationships with other members of the Exchange. The company often subcontracts work to other Exchange members.

The main part of the system we use is subcontracting the work out. We are very busy so we very rarely have the time to take work from the Exchange

John Sutton

The business has survived two double dip recessions unscathed. John credits this success to the business’s diversity, the capitalisation of sub-contracting and the company’s decision to choose the clients it works with wisely. The company prides itself on its high levels of service and its ability to fulfil its customers’ expectations.

Blue Whale Logistics feels that its diversity enables them to keep one step ahead of the competition.

John aims for the business to continue providing the excellent standard of quality as well as further developing the business and expanding at a steady rate.

John added: “The next step in the business, we are looking to extend our storage facilities. I hope we can carry on with the increases we have experienced over the last 8 years”.

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