The freight management company operates from two depots in New Mills in Derbyshire and Calne in Wiltshire with a fleet of more than 50 articulated and rigid vehicles. Having been operating since 1961,

H Crabtree has developed relationships with a number of regional partners and sub-contractors. However, the company recognised the need to find an effective means of expanding this network to possess a haulage capability across the UK, from all major cities and towns to the most remote locations. This would enable it to not only fill empty return load capacity but also outsource any excess work that could not be handled internally by its own fleet.

H Crabtree joined Haulage Exchange more than five years ago. From its headquarters in Derbyshire, the company uses the tool to flexibly maximise and expand capabilities based on exact workload and operational requirements.

The company is able to identify suitable work around the UK to fill any empty fleet capacity, with the company handling on average 50 loads a month that has been identified and secured via Haulage Exchange. H Crabtree also posts any excess work when it does not have a suitable vehicle to carry the load, meaning it can increase capacity during busy trading periods or take on additional jobs in previously unsuitable areas. This has been made possible by accessing more than 5,000 transport businesses across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe that make up Haulage Exchange.

In particular, the company has established approximately 10 key partnerships nationwide through the freight trading platform that it now works with directly on a regular basis.

This is supported by a much wider network of haulage operators that are used on an ad hoc basis and selected based on location, suitability and member feedback. The Haulage Exchange’s unique feedback system has also provided added insight into individual members, providing detailed information in terms of historical performance. This has enabled H Crabtree to make informed decisions about who they work with and have peace of mind that any new partner will provide high levels of service.

Tony Perkins from H Crabtree explains: “Haulage Exchange has become an invaluable tool within our business that we use on a daily basis to fill empty return loads within our operation and handle any surplus work we are unable to handle ourselves.

This has been achieved by collaborating with highly professional and valued members that share our commitment to quality, performance and personal service.” He added: “Haulage Exchange has connected us with a nationwide network of trusted partners to make better use of our available assets and provide added capacity whenever required. By helping us effectively complete our daily workload we have been able to increase the profitability of the business.”

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