How Bulldog Trans built their business from the ground up with HX 


Bulldog Trans, a family-owned haulage business, began their business on HX back in February 2022. Their aim? To scale their business quickly and in one place. 

In just over a year, Bulldog has generated a revenue of over twenty-four times their initial investment.

1 year

as an HX member


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return on investment

Bulldog’s Managing Director, Sylwia Chudzik details her journey over the last year.


Sylwia’s goals were simple: to build her business and expand her network with fellow verified industry professionals.

We started our business on the Exchange after a quick Google search. I did some research before my demo. I heard that with HX we would get assistance and support on how to build our business.

Sylwia Chudzik, Managing Director, Bulldog Trans

Since joining the Haulage Exchange, she’s achieved exactly that. A thriving business with reliable suppliers, wonderful feedback, and a scaling revenue. 


Now, over a year into joining HX, Bulldog Trans have achieved a fantastic return on investment. More significantly, over a quarter of their revenue comes from direct bookings. 

We use the platform to build a list of contacts. We’ve also built enough trust on the platform to secure direct bookings and feedback from our suppliers, which boosts our business.

Sylwia Chudzik, Managing Director, Bulldog Trans

Sylwia adds that Bulldog have formed significant relationships with five big suppliers and two smaller suppliers, which correlated to the 48 direct bookings they’ve had since joining HX. As of now, Bulldog also boasts 44 positive comments from happy suppliers.

Sylwia also rests easy knowing that every one of her suppliers are safe to work with.

It’s 100% verified and protected. Plus. we have assistance and support.

Sylwia Chudzik, Managing Director, Bulldog Trans


In just over a year, Bulldog Trans has successfully built a business, made a significant return on investment and formed strong relationships with reliable suppliers. Sylwia looks forward to her business’s future.

Just join HX. It’s worth it!

Sylwia Chudzik, Managing Director, Bulldog Trans

Is her advice for all considering joining. 

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The article was published on . It was updated on 1 July 2024 to make it more relevant and comprehensive.