How MPC Couriers used The Exchange to build their freight forwarding business 


MPC Couriers joined the Courier Exchange back in October 2016.  

Back then, managing director Martin Coulson was new to the industry. He joined CX as an owner-driver, getting to grips with the job all while driving his rented van all over the Midlands.  

After a few years of making a decent living as an owner driver, Martin quit the road and became a freight forwarder.  

MPC Couriers currently boast 551,446 in sales figures – and that’s in just half a year.

Martin explains his journey from owner driver to freight forwarder over the past 7 years. 

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An entrepreneur at his core, Martin started on the Exchange with no real logistics experience.  

“I built everything up and learned the trade from scratch.” 

But, although he had no experience, Martin had a clear idea of where he wanted to be.   

I wanted to compete against all the big boys to be honest. When I looked at posting work, I though wow. I instantly saw posting loads as my future. That’s what attracted me to the Exchange. That was my goal.

Martin Coulson, Managing Director, MPC Couriers

“I had to go on the road to learn the logistics as a courier driver because I’ve never done it. I was also looking at the customers. I cover the lot now.” 

Martin dove (or, rather, drove) into the role of owner-driver with enthusiasm. Driving for a few years taught him everything he needed to know about transport and logistics. Networking on the Exchange helped him build a strong number of trustworthy and reliable contacts.  

“It’s all been technology and learning the trade. I’ve joined networking clubs, which you meet customers through. It’s all been using technology and building that up.” 

“And I’ve used the platform as much as I can,” he adds. “In my backloads. In my business when I didn’t have any work. And now I’ve come off the road, I use it to sell jobs.” 


Today, MPC Couriers have access to over 47,000 vehicles UK-wide and the 2022 UK Transport award for ‘Most Trusted Same-Day Courier Service – UK and Europe’.  

MPC Couriers are also proud to sponsor ‘Square Peg Activities’ – a charity that helps families with disabled children get the inclusive care they require.  

The Exchange has given me a thousand million percent increase in sales. I can cover the whole country within 60 minutes in transport. To have the recourses of 90% of the logistics companies in the UK at my fingertips is a powerful, money-making tool.

Martin Coulson, Managing Director, MPC Couriers

And MPC Couriers’ growing sales figures reflect this. 

“When I started making a grand a week, I thought “bloody hell this is good!” Martin exclaims. “Then the figures went up to 5 grand a month to 7 and a half. Recently, it’s been more like 24 to 25 grand a month. It’s just grown so quick – it’s growing very quick.” 

“When I take on a customer, I promise to take all the hassle out of transport. I look after everything and everyone. It’s a little niche I’ve got,” he adds. 

Martin’s ‘little niche’ is on track to “making a million quid in sales figures this year.” 


Martin’s happy to report that he’s scaled MPC Couriers into a bigger business. And with a bigger business comes bigger opportunities. 

“We’ve got a lot of big companies we work with. I’m growing my business through the website, customers, and referrals. One of my customers advertises on prime time TV. I’ve got a Ministry of Defence contract with Eurosonics. I’ve done a bit of ADR work too. It’s just growing year, in year out.” 

Martin also acknowledges his loyalty to the platform that helped to expose his business to larger networks – and gave him the opportunity to advance his career. 

I’ve had same-day networks try to give me free memberships. I tell them I’m not interested – I say I’m with CX. Because that’s where I’ve built the business and that’s where I’m staying.

Martin Coulson, Managing Director, MPC Couriers

MPC Couriers’ success is especially encouraging to anyone looking to start fresh in the transport industry. 

“You can make a living off the Exchange being a driver, or you can take it further. And when I first started, I didn’t know a thing about logistics. It’s a learning curve.” 

Martin Coulson, Managing Director, MPC Couriers

And, finally, Martin’s parting words are encouraging to anyone looking to build their business on the Exchange.

The sky’s the limit if you want it to be.

Martin Coulson, Managing Director, MPC Couriers

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