How Red Rocket Couriers went from man-with-a-van to a UK-wide success 


Red Rocket Couriers began its journey seven years ago. Back then it was just Lee delivering loads in his trusty van.  

7 years later, Lee’s transformed Red Rocket into a UK-wide courier empire. 

With HX’s support, Red Rocket gained a new purpose – getting drivers loads. Earning accolades along the way, and consistently generating substantial revenue year after year.  

In the past year they’ve made 16 times their initial investment. 

Now the managing director, Lee talks us through his success story – one job at a time. 

7 years

as an HX member


positive feedback comments


return on investment


In the early days, Lee started by using his van to find loads and expand his network. “To be honest with you,” he states, “when I first joined, I just needed the money.” 

Then something shifted a few years on. And Lee began to get his friends jobs off the Exchange. 

It started with people ringing me up. And me ringing some drivers up. One driver got in touch with me, and I got him a job. Another friend called me up for a job, and I got him one off HX too.

Managing Director, Red Rocket, Lee Gueller

Lee adds, “I set myself a target. If I could earn £50 from each driver each day, that’s £250 a week. When I got to 4 drivers, that’s when things got rolling. That’s when I started seeing the other side of HX.” 


Lee’s proud to report that Red Rocket ranks among the “top 10 out of 4491 courier companies that offer jobs on the Exchange – and that’s in the past year.” 

This comes as no surprise. Red Rocket has collaborated with big names like the BBC, NHS, ASOS, Boohoo, and more. 

On our website, we claim we collect from anywhere in the UK in 60 minutes. To be honest, that’s because of HX. We get a job, put it on the platform and drivers bid. We go from there.

Managing Director, Red Rocket, Lee Gueller

Feedback is another area where Red Rocket excels. They have an impressive 1667 positive comments for delivery feedback and 7653 positive comments for payment feedback. 

We use the platform to build a list of contacts. We’ve also built enough trust on it to secure direct bookings and get feedback from our suppliers which boosts our business.

Managing Director, Red Rocket, Lee Gueller

“Plus,” he adds, “the CX app is fantastic. Easy to use and find work. And we get to be one step ahead with the integration tracker. I wouldn’t use any other platform.” 


Lee’s more than proud of how far he’s come. And we don’t blame him. 

Without sounding like Jerry Springer at the end of his programme, I can only speak from my point of view. If you use the HX right, it can open that many opportunities.

Managing Director, Red Rocket, Lee Gueller

And the opportunities are endless. Red Rocket currently sponsors three kids’ football teams, professional boxers, charity raves and churches.

“All the money we’re able to give back to the community diversifies from the courier work we’ve done,” Lee explains.  “Red Rocket Couriers is my baby. It’s mine. HX has given me complete independence. It’s given me my life. What you put in you get out.”

Much like the man himself, Lee’s business advice for all new couriers starting out on the Exchange is to-the-point and exceptionally encouraging. 

Get your head down and put in the effort. That’s all it takes to make it on HX. Trust me: if I can do it, anyone can!

Managing Director, Red Rocket, Lee Gueller

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The article was published on . It was updated on 1 July 2024 to make it more relevant and comprehensive.