How SN Transports built their logistics empire from the ground up


SN Transports set up shop in 2018. Back then, the company’s only employees were managing director Arbaz Saadat and his uncle. The pair joined CX shortly after their business began, initially operating with just one van.  

Four years on, things have changed. SN Transports has grown into a formidable 20 truck-and-van fleet. They now operate on the Haulage Exchange – and are known as one of the biggest transport businesses in Lancashire.  

Just this year, SN Transports have made 219 times their renewal price. Arbaz talks us through his journey since joining.

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Arbaz first learned about the Exchange through a friend.

Before all this, I was an area manager of four Domino pizza shops. One day, one of my friends who worked for FedEx recommended CX to me. I didn’t really think much of it at first, but a couple of hard shifts at Dominos and I thought, okay let’s try this.

Arbaz Saadat, Managing Director, SN Transports

After taking a leap of faith, Arbaz partnered with his uncle, taking on deliveries part-time. But after a month or so, Arbaz began to see possibilities in building his courier business on CX – and later HX – full-time. 

I saw a huge potential in this business. There were just so many jobs on the platform. There still are. I have a fleet of 20 and they’re out every single day.

Arbaz Saadat, Managing Director, SN Transports

He adds, “I knew there would be potential from the beginning. Still, it was hard to build a network at first. I had to take cheap work at the beginning. Honestly, if people think it’s easy, it’s not. You have to build your own business and network.” 

And, after a few months, Arbaz started to make “excellent cashflow” from his business. 

Once you know how to provide the service, you’ll be successful. It’s like any other service. If you work hard, you reap the benefits. For my business, it’s really easy now. I can’t tell you how much I’ve progressed with hard work.

Arbaz Saadat, Managing Director, SN Transports


Arbaz started with one van. His goal was to grow into a small fleet of three or four. What he didn’t expect was the massive and rapid success he’s seen since joining the platform four years ago. 

“Now we have twenty vehicles in our fleet, trucks and vans. I didn’t expect to have so many. I didn’t expect to get an office, a yard, and a storage facility either. Nothing like that,” he admits. “I can’t tell you how much I’ve progressed in this industry.” 

When asked about the key to his success, Arbaz credits giving his clients a good service. SN Transports boasts 3669 positive feedback on delivery and 220 positive feedback for on-time payments.  

“We don’t have any neutral or negative feedback. At all,” Arbaz affirms. “We give our clients a good service and it’s that simple.” 


Arbaz has made a significant name on the Exchange, growing from a man with a van working on the Exchange part-time to “one of the biggest transport companies in Lancashire.” 

While he admits the first few months on CX weren’t easy money, Arbaz also asserts that it was well worth it in the end, touting the Exchange as a “life-changing platform.” 

31 people are working for me now, all through the Exchange. Imaging how great of a platform it is. We’re feeding 31 families; if you count my household that’s 32 families!

Arbaz Saadat, Managing Director, SN Transports

The Exchange is where Arbaz grew his network and exposed his business to big names. It’s where he learnt how to build his logistics empire.  

Arbaz’s parting words showcase his gratitude.  He thanks God for how far he’s come, how many people he’s able to support with a steady income, and his own courage in taking a leap on the Exchange five years ago.

“I’ve got two messages for everyone out there. Be honest and be a hard worker. It won’t let you down.” 

Arbaz Saadat, Managing Director, SN Transports

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The article was published on . It was updated on 1 July 2024 to make it more relevant and comprehensive.