Haulage Companies

Make full use of vehicles and create contacts in the UK and Europe.

Owner Operators

Find haulage work and access tools to manage your growing business.

Freight Forwarder

Source a range of vehicles including specialist services across Europe.

Why Choose Haulage Exchange?

Haulage Exchange is the world’s leader for freight exchange. Whether you operate a large haulage firm, are a freight forwarding company or are an owner-driver, we can help you find loads, drivers and vehicles.

Help When You Need It

We also assist in subcontracting any extra freight exchange work that you can’t handle, safe in the knowledge that all our operators have been vetted. Our service allows you to develop your firm into the most profitable it can be.

Benefits for Your Business

Our platform connects logistic firms and haulage companies with freight exchange opportunities, allowing you to maximize your potential. In addition, our web pages list more than 186,384 loads every month and we can let you know when loads and return loads become available .

Building Long-term Relationships

Our service allows owner-drivers, freight forwarders, haulage companies and stakeholders to build a great network of contacts within the freight exchange industry. And to give you peace of mind, we vet all members before adding anyone to our database. In addition, all jobs receive feedback which is available to access all the time.

Key Benefits

With a platform to find extra freight exchange work and reliable subcontractors, we can help your business grow

– Over 186,384 loads listed every month provides you with more work and higher profits

– A freight exchange network with more than 5,760 member businesses allows you to create a large network of business contacts

– Our subcontract service allows you to remain reliable to all your customers – never having to turn down work

– Save time searching for freight exchange work – our platform sends the loads you want straight to your inbox

Available Loads

Over 186,384 every month

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  • Blue-whale3 In the courier and haulage business, you hear people talking about how they got a nice long job, and then another one comes in collecting nearby and going in the same direction. That is the element of luck. But if you are a courier and haulage business that is not fully utilising your fleet capacity, using vehicle tracking with the freight exchange platform is a much easier and more reliable way to make sure you are in the right place at the right time to find and secure back loads.

    John Sutton, Blue Whale Logistics
  • There are other freight exchanges but they are not a patch on Haulage Exchange and it would be much harder for us to maximise the profits of our haulage contracts if we were not involved.

    Paul Speight, Transport Manager, Valentine Haulage
  • All in all Haulage Exchange has achieved exactly what we were looking for and that's getting return loads and turning dead mileage into profitable mileage with more haulage contracts.

    Perry Street, W. J. Wooster & Sons

News Highlights

186,384 loads every month on the Exchange

An average 186,384 loads were posted each month by the exchanges’ 5,760+ active members, equating to more than twelve million road miles that would otherwise be wasted fuel and cost to operators.

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The Exchange teams up with Apex Networks

Apex Networks and Transport Exchange Group, the market leaders in their respective sectors, have teamed up to help dramatically reduce ‘dead miles’ and improve efficiency and transparency in the industry.

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Secure messaging tool for Exchange members

New messenger tool offers alternative means of communication to phone or email, enabling users to keep in touch with colleagues and partners. It allows secure, opt-in only chat groups for colleagues and partners.

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