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Why Choose Haulage Exchange?

Haulage Exchange provides the world’s leading marketplace for haulage work. Whether you run a haulage company with a large fleet or you’re a single vehicle owner-driver looking for haulage jobs, we can assist you in finding loads and back loads.

Help When You Need It

We also make it very easy for you to subcontract any haulage work that you find yourself unable to handle – all of our operators have been vetted so you can rely on top quality service for your subcontracted haulage jobs. Our tools will help you develop your business into the most efficient and profitable operation it can be.

Benefits for Your Business

We help to connect haulage and logistics companies with the haulage work they need to ensure that time and money are well spent. Our web pages carry over 40,000 loads per month and we can let you know when haulage jobs become available in your local area.

Building Long-term Relationships

Our service enables all stakeholders, haulage companies, owner-drivers and freight forwarders, build highly trustworthy networks of business contracts. We vet all members before putting them on our database and all haulage jobs receive feedback that you can consult at any time.

Key Benefits

With extra haulage work and reliable subcontractors, you can take on more customers.

We help you grow your business.

– Over 70,000 loads AND haulage jobs posted per month mean more haulage work for you and more profits

– Network with over 3,500 industry professionals to build long term business relationships

– Never turn haulage work down – we help you find all the capacity you need

– Save time – our system puts the haulage jobs you want on your screen or inbox instantly

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Over 70,000 every month

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  • From: Lutterworth ... UK
    To: Saltash UK
    Pickup: 16.00 26/10
    Deliver: 08.00 27/10
  • From: Milton Keyne... UK
    To: London W2 UK
    Pickup: 07.00 26/10
    Deliver: 11.45 26/10
  • From: CM0 UK
    To: Rossendale B... UK
    Pickup: 08.00 26/10
    Deliver: 09.00 31/10
  • From: Eade Rd N4
    To: Feltham TW14 UK
    Pickup: 08.00 26/10
    Deliver: 16.30 26/10
  • From: Abingdon OX1... UK
    To: Siskin Pkwy ... CV3
    Pickup: 08.00 26/10
    Deliver: 16.30 26/10
  • From: Ormskirk L40 UK
    To: London EC1A UK
    Pickup: 07.30 26/10
    Deliver: 10.00 27/10
  • From: Burton-on-Tr... UK
    To: Glasgow G71 ... UK
    Pickup: 17.19 25/10
    Deliver: 05.00 27/10
  • From: Newton Aycli... UK
    To: Minworth B76
    Pickup: 07.00 26/10
    Deliver: 10.55 26/10
  • From: Uttoxeter ST... UK
    To: NP13 UK
    Pickup: 05.30 26/10
    Deliver: 08.40 26/10
  • From: East Grinste... UK
    To: Uttoxeter ST... UK
    Pickup: 09.00 28/10
    Deliver: 13.40 28/10
  • From: Blackburn BB... UK
    To: London SE11 UK
    Pickup: 16.40 25/10
    Deliver: 11.00 26/10
  • From: Birmingham A... B26
    To: Bedworth UK
    Pickup: 16.36 25/10
    Deliver: 18.30 25/10
  • From: Andover SP11 UK
    To: Preston PR5 UK
    Pickup: 16.30 26/10
    Deliver: 22.25 26/10
  • From: Garstang PR3
    To: Leeds LS10 1... UK
    Pickup: 16.25 25/10
    Deliver: 14.30 27/10
  • From: London SE15 UK
    To: Sheffield UK
    Pickup: 13.05 27/10
    Deliver: 21.00 27/10
  • From: King's Norto...
    To: Coleshill
    Pickup: 18.00 25/10
    Deliver: 19.00 25/10
  • From: Lutterworth ... UK
    To: Redhill UK
    Pickup: 16.00 26/10
    Deliver: 08.00 27/10
  • From: Tring HP23 UK
    To: London E16 UK
    Pickup: 07.00 26/10
    Deliver: 09.40 26/10
  • From: Knowsley UK
    To: Bilston UK
    Pickup: 11.00 26/10
    Deliver: 19.00 26/10
  • From: Oadby LE2
    To: Milton Keyne... UK
    Pickup: 08.00 26/10
    Deliver: 12.40 27/10
  • From: St Helier Jers
    To: Bradford UK
    Pickup: 07.00 27/10
    Deliver: 00.35 04/11
  • From: Bedford MK44 UK
    To: 93120 La Cou... Fran
    Pickup: 06.00 26/10
    Deliver: 13.00 27/10
  • From: 24009 San An... 2400
    To: Ripon HG4 1U... UK
    Pickup: 07.00 26/10
    Deliver: 14.20 30/10
  • From: Chelmsford UK
    To: 59990 Sebour... Fran
    Pickup: 08.00 01/11
    Deliver: 09.00 02/11
  • From: Łódź Pola
    To: Pyecombe BN45
    Pickup: 07.00 28/10
    Deliver: 15.00 31/10
  • From: Manchester A... M90
    To: Shannon Airp...
    Pickup: 09.00 26/10
    Deliver: 16.10 26/10
  • From: 40880 Rating... Germ
    To: Limerick Irel
    Pickup: 07.00 26/10
    Deliver: 08.45 27/10
  • From: 24054 Calcio 2405
    To: Nuneaton CV1... UK
    Pickup: 12.00 25/10
    Deliver: 11.35 29/10
  • From: 5081 Hilvare... Neth
    To: Arundel BN18 UK
    Pickup: 13.00 25/10
    Deliver: 16.00 27/10
  • From: 20020 Magnag... Ital
    To: Burnhaven AB42
    Pickup: 08.00 27/10
    Deliver: 15.00 31/10
  • From: Sandbach CW1... UK
    To: 15 Blan
    Pickup: 08.00 27/10
    Deliver: 13.35 27/10
  • From: Hardenberg Neth
    To: Cheddar BS27 UK
    Pickup: 08.30 25/10
    Deliver: 01.50 26/10
  • From: Swords
    To: Swords
    Pickup: 05.00 25/10
    Deliver: 06.00 26/10
  • From: Newbridge
    To: Newbridge
    Pickup: 05.00 25/10
    Deliver: 06.00 26/10
  • From: 36010 Provin... Ital
    To: Aberdeen AB1... UK
    Pickup: 07.00 25/10
    Deliver: 21.05 26/10
  • From: Feltham UK
    To: Dublin Irel
    Pickup: 07.00 25/10
    Deliver: 23.50 25/10
  • From: Watford WD18 UK
    To: 4877 Etten-L... Neth
    Pickup: 09.00 25/10
    Deliver: 09.00 26/10
  • From: Leeds LS10 UK
    To: 92300 Levall... Fran
    Pickup: 14.50 27/10
    Deliver: 10.00 31/10
  • From: Glasgow UK
    To: Toulouse Fran
    Pickup: 07.00 25/10
    Deliver: 15.00 28/10
  • From: Leeds UK
    To: 95500 Goness... Fran
    Pickup: 14.00 24/10
    Deliver: 10.00 26/10
  • Blue-whale3 In the courier and haulage business, you hear people talking about how they got a nice long job, and then another one comes in collecting nearby and going in the same direction. That is the element of luck. But if you are a courier and haulage business that is not fully utilising your fleet capacity, using vehicle tracking with the freight exchange platform is a much easier and more reliable way to make sure you are in the right place at the right time to find and secure back loads.

    John Sutton, Blue Whale Logistics
  • There are other freight exchanges but they are not a patch on Haulage Exchange and it would be much harder for us to maximise the profits of our haulage contracts if we were not involved.

    Paul Speight, Transport Manager, Valentine Haulage
  • All in all Haulage Exchange has achieved exactly what we were looking for and that's getting return loads and turning dead mileage into profitable mileage with more haulage contracts.

    Perry Street, W. J. Wooster & Sons

News Highlights

Direct Exchange driver messaging from Navman

Tracked fleets enabled to message drivers direct from the Exchange through Teletrac Navman’s in-cab terminal, allowing them to receive job details, access routes and provide accurate member feedback.

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Increased revenues from tracking integration

Operators can now be part of a large virtual fleet and work with organisations that are demanding full visibility of their supply chains, while minimising dead mileage and boosting revenues.

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The Exchange forges new partnerships

Transport Exchange Group confirmed a host of new telematics partnerships during 2015. Technology innovations have enhanced the user experience on the Haulage Exchange, adding visibility and control.

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