Location-aware services

The Haulage Exchange has been the UK’s busiest freight exchange for over a decade for good reason. From the outset the Exchange has been focused on what we call R4 – bringing together the right members with the right loads, in the right place and the right time.

We use the real-time location data of thousands of vehicles every second, enriched with their member preferences and haulage work capabilities, to intelligently match business opportunities with available capacity.

Behind this lies our unique ‘Smart Context and Location Engine’ (SCALE) technology. The result of several million pounds of R&D investment, it uses state-of-the-art telematics integration (with well over a dozen of the most important tracking providers in the industry) and sophisticated carrier profiles to help members match the right haulage work with the right partner…fast. It also enables the Exchange to accept new loads from most third party Transport Management Systems (‘TMS’) directly via our API.

Value delivered

With millions of miles of haulage work transacted by members on the Exchange every week visibility has a very real value. Data from hundreds of thousands of loads carried shows clearly that members taking advantage of SCALE consistently get more haulage work (over 40% above Exchange averages) and at a higher rates per mile (nearly 25% above average rates). Likewise, members placing loads with the Exchange report consistently higher customer satisfaction (over 99.6% positive).

We give members the peace of mind, with smart alerts and ‘in-progress’ load tracking, to know their job is going to get done right and be profitable.

Transport Exchange Group is in partnership with most important telematics providers in the industry including Navman Teletrac, TomTom Telematics, Masternaut, Quartix and Causeway allowing you to easily integrate any of your tracked vehicles with the Exchange.

No additional equipment is needed for this integration. All you need to do is specify which company vehicles you wish to integrate with the Exchange. Privacy controls are also in place for when you need them – you can hide your vehicles’ locations from general view at any time and the map zoom level is restricted for other members.

We have a growing network of integrated tracking partners with well over a dozen major providers already supported (and if we haven’t yet created an integration with your current supplier already, we will be pleased to talk to them about it). Finally, if a dedicated telematics solution isn’t right for you the optional Haulage Exchange app can be used to help you realize the full value of visibility on the Exchange.

What do I need to do next?

Contact us to arrange a live demonstration.

How much does it cost?

If you already have tracking you will continue to pay your vehicle tracking provider as usual.  If you’re thinking about ‘getting tracked’ then give the customer service team a call as some telematics providers will offer discounts to Haulage Exchange members (please note however we will not sell or recommend the products of any particular provider).   Depending on your subscription level there may be a small monthly charge to pay per vehicle when you choose to integrate with the Exchange.

For further information and to obtain a copy of our API document, please contact Lyall Cresswell or Marc Clifton on 0208 993 7100.

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