Addressing the perils of dead mileage is one of the most pressing issues in the transport industry. The collaborative nature of the Haulage Exchange means that your membership gives you access to more than 5,700 accredited potential partners across the UK.

As well as connecting with new partners by offering live notifications of available jobs, the platform tackles the problem of empty return journeys by enabling members to advertise their capacity for back loads. This kind of instant visibility means that you may never have to travel empty again!

How the HX Platform Can Help You
Reduce Your Dead Mileage

With access to live availability boards, you can see exactly what’s on offer. Every month, more than 186,000 jobs are posted, which equates to a whole lot of extra opportunities. On average, a member of the platform reduces their empty running by a massive 60% – meaning vastly reduced running costs and increased profits on every job.

By building a valuable network of contacts via the HX community, you’re instantly connected to a huge pool of work. This not only allows you to expand your customer base but also increases your profits and reduces overheads by eliminating empty return journeys.

With more than 1.3 million movements transacted every year, we’re able to facilitate a huge number of highly profitable back loads between suitable partners. As the leading independent freight exchange in the country, we’re committed to keeping our members connected in real time – so you’ll have access to as many return loads as you can handle, based on your location, size and capacity.

By growing a wider network of trading partners in parts of the country you might not normally work, you can build on every available opportunity that comes your way and turn it into a long lasting and profitable relationship.

How Does It Work?

We provide a quick, easy and highly responsive way of finding back loads so you never have to return from a job empty. No matter where you are you can keep up to date with real time job availability and notifications through our unique Smartphone app.

All you need to do is post your capacity and location on our Freight Marketplace, for either an inbound or outbound journey. The marketplace covers the entire country so, at the touch of a finger, you’ll be able to see exactly where jobs for return journeys are situated – location by location.

You can contact freight forwarders directly from postings on the Goods to Move Page or post your movements on the Return Journeys page. Based on your location and capacity criteria, you’ll then receive real-time notifications of any back loads that match your availability. You won’t receive the notifications unless you’re in the area and ready to work, and this intelligent telematics integration means no wasted down time chasing or being chased for unsuitable jobs.

By becoming a member you’ll also have access to our suite of online tools and accounting and diary services, which means the administration of taking on a greater volume of jobs with multiple partners doesn’t turn into a headache.

  • Join the UK’s leading independent freight exchange
  • Expand your reach and gain access to more potential partners
  • Real time technology affords access to lucrative back loads
  • Build long lasting relationships through new partners

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  • They [HX members] can see where our vehicles are and if they have loads that need to be carried in that area, they will contact us, so we don’t always have to find them, with the Haulage Exchange they find us.

    Ras International

Through their membership, Ras International was able to build a trusted network of partners and nurture solid two-way relationships that last the distance.

Join the Haulage Exchange to reduce your dead mileage


All  members are fully accredited: a community of like-minded industry professionals you can trust.

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With over 186,000 loads posted every month, the Exchange reduces members’ empty running by 60%.

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Smartphone notifications tailored to your location, size and capacity. No time wasted and no time wasters!

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Make every mile count by reducing dead mileage. Haulage Exchange makes empty return journeys a thing of the past.

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More than one benefit

Filling your empty return capacity isn’t the only benefit of membership to the platform. As well as building a network of trusted partners and increasing your opportunities to take on work, you can also forge valuable relationships with other drivers with a view to subcontracting work so you can grow your own business.

As the leading online freight exchange in the UK, and growing all the time, we’re at the forefront of technology. You’ll have access to a superb range of online tools and services to help make doing business with multiple partners a breeze. You’ll also reap the benefits of the collective knowledge of our 5,700-strong community of experts to help you face up to the pressing challenges faced by the transport industry.

• Instant access and visibility via the Smartphone app
• Simple administration with our 2-way diary and accounting tools
• Grow your business by subcontracting work to other drivers

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  • We have resolved our dead mileage issue as we can now find back loads when and where we need them thanks to the Haulage Exchange.

    Yorkshire Logistics Group

The Yorkshire Logistics Group took on and solved one of their biggest challenges by having instant, real time access to back loads in every part of the country, and making empty return journeys a thing of the past.

Join the UK’s leading independent freight exchange

As part of the 5,700-strong membership of the UK’s leading independent freight exchange, just like the Yorkshire Logistics Group and Ras International you can make new contacts, expand your reach and start eliminating that pesky dead mileage. Ready to take your business up a gear? Fill out the contact form below and one of our advisors will be in touch to get you on the move.

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