Dead mileage is a thing of the past for our members who bid for the return loads that
are posted on our network.

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How the HX Platform Solves the Dilemma of an Empty Truck

You know the scenario: you’ve got a delivery to pick up near your base and drive to another county. The fuel and the driver’s time that you use for the outbound journey is a cost of business. However, when you return to your base with an empty truck after making your delivery there’s no profit to offset the fuel costs or the driving time of the journey back.

The Haulage Exchange Platform can solve this problem for you.

If you or one of your drivers needs to take a load from London to Derby you’ll be able to bid for any of the return loads posted in real time on our platform.

How Does It Work?

As an owner driver or fleet manager with membership to Haulage Exchange you will receive real-time notifications for any available jobs in your area or in the area in which you want to pick up return loads.

Drivers can post and edit their availability and destination information on the platform, alerting any companies looking to subcontract extra delivery work. Once the load and driver are matched, members can rate and post feedback on their partners.

  • Real-time notifications of available jobs
  • Post your availability to Dispatch Managers
  • Give feedback on members

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  • Haulage Exchange has made such a contribution to our recent success, virtually eliminating empty capacity and increasing the profitability of the business. In our first full month we gained over £8,000 representing a 20 per cent boost to our turnover.

    Dawn Hancock, A.E. Hancock

Return loads eliminated dead mileage for the haulage firm A.E. Hancock and profits soared. If your business needs this sort of boost then join our community and maximise the efficiency of your fleet.

Become a member of Haulage Exchange and drastically reduce your dead mileage.


Whether you have too much work or too little, you’ll find the right partners to help you expand your business beyond its limitations.

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Dead mileage can be a nightmare of your past. Make money for every mile your vehicle is on the road.

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Our members are furnished with a suite of professional tools that give them the edge when it comes to running efficient businesses and vehicles.

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Many of our members outsource excess work giving you the opportunity to pick up profitable return loads.

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More than One Benefit

Membership to the Haulage Exchange Platform provides even more than just a way to eliminate dead mileage. When you become a member you are joining a community of professionals in the logistics industry. You can expect increased networking opportunities, trustworthy partners who have all been vetted as part of their membership, business tips, and access to professional software solutions.

  • A network of over 5,600 professionals (and growing)
  • More than 1.2 million transactions annually
  • A mobile app that keeps you connected to the platform while you’re on the road
  • 2-way diary and accounting module
  • Member accreditation scheme
  • We have resolved our dead mileage issue as we can now find backloads when and where we need them thanks to the Haulage Exchange. We have also been able to build up a good customer base because of joining the Haulage Exchange. We no longer have empty loads, we don’t send drivers home without having a load, therefore no more wasted mileage.

    Yorkshire Logistics Group Ltd

Yorkshire Logistics Group has used their membership to HX as a way to eliminate dead mileage, and it has been so successful that they now have more demand than they can handle!

Want to be one of our success stories?

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