How Samuel Luica Transport grew their fleet with The Exchange 


Based in Milton Keynes, Samuel Luica joined The Exchange in April 2021. 

When he first joined CX, it was just Samuel and the two drivers he employed. Samuel managed the office while his drivers completed jobs on the road.  

Now, two years later, Samuel still manages his office – but his business is bigger. To show for it, this year, Samuel made 96x his initial investment on the platform.

2 years

as an HX member


positive feedback comments


return on investment


Samuel first heard about The Exchange by chance. He needed a van for the day, and he ended up renting one from a satisfied CX member.  

“He had some success on CX and recommended the platform to me,” Samuel reflects. “I researched The Exchange on the internet and got on the platform.” 

He recounts that the platform was “very busy – back when I joined,” and the CX Driver app quickly helped him reduce dead miles on his return journeys.  

I found myself immediately doing well. We’ve grown quite a lot since joining. It’s amazing for us. And once we grew our fleet, the profits grew too.

Samuel Luica, Managing Director, Samuel Luica Transport


“We started with 3 vans,” Samuel says. “And now, in 2 years, we’ve got 9 vans and one lorry.” 

He adds that he’s also “very happy” with the profit he’s made over the last two years. “We got our money back in a very short period of time – I would say within the first month.” 

Part of Samuel’s rapid-fire growth is down to a large network of clients. Samuel’s favourite thing about the platform is the huge opportunities new businesses get to work with a selection of transport companies. 

“You meet a lot of people and build a lot of relationships. If you have a good relationship with companies, you build a lot of work.” 

Samuel Luica, Managing Director, Samuel Luica Transport

And with over 3,000 positive reviews – and no negative reviews to date – Samuel has clearly mastered the art of delivering outstanding services. 

“My goal was to become a trusted company. To show people we are a company you can trust and [that we] can offer people a very good service.” 

The Exchange’s feedback system works doubly in Samuel’s favour – especially when he’s the one picking companies to collaborate with. 

You can see how good companies are, and who you’ll work with. That’s why CX and HX work. If you’re with a reputable company, you know you’ll get your money.

Samuel Luica, Managing Director, Samuel Luica Transport


With steady contacts and high-quality feedback, Samuel’s built his business off the foundation of hard-work and a willingness to connect. 

“To be honest, I’m surprised by how quick we’ve grown,” Samuel reflects. “I didn’t expect to grow so quick in such a short period of time, and I didn’t really expect to get a lorry within two years. It was a surprise to me.” 

When asked to think about the future of his business, Samuel is as optimistic as ever. 

We’re still going, that’s the most important thing. We are planning to get another two lorries very soon. It’ll help grow our business. We’re also looking to hire new employees too.

Samuel Luica, Managing Director, Samuel Luica Transport

And, in Samuel’s world, building a logistics business is simple.  

My advice to anyone looking to join The Exchange is, be good with what you do. Always try to be honest. Look for providing a good service and forming good relationships. Then the profit and money will come.

Samuel Luica, Managing Director, Samuel Luica Transport

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