How to find haulage carriers in less than 4 minutes

If there’s one key to freight forwarding today, it’s efficiency. When a job comes in, you need to find carriers, fast.

Traditionally, you might have used your own mailing list to find a carrier. Equally, Whatsapp groups are now commonplace. At best, though, such groups give you access to a few hundred businesses.

On Haulage Exchange, freight forwarders have access to 50,000 vehicles.

To find a carrier for a load on Haulage Exchange, there’s no faff. You simply post the load to Haulage Exchange and wait for carriers to contact you – which they will, with quotes, within an average of 4 minutes.

Here’s how it’s done.

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Step 1: Hit ‘Post Load’

Although Haulage Exchange grants you tech that improves every aspect of forwarding, there’s one particular aspect you’re interested in here: posting loads.

So, once you’re logged in to Haulage Exchange, simply hit Post Load.

Step 2: Add load details

Next, you’ll see a popup box asking you for certain details about the load. So, add the details.

Let carriers know:

  • The load pick up point
  • The load pick up time
  • Where the load should be delivered
  • When the load should be delivered
  • The kind of vehicle you need (LWB? Curtainsider? Add it in.)
  • And any other relevant details

Step 3: Post the load

Once you’ve filled in the load details, hit ‘Post Load’. Your load will be posted to the Exchange instantly.

If you’re posting a repeat load, even better: you can hit ‘Post Load & Save for Repeat Use’. That way, you won’t need to fill in the load details the next time the job comes in.

Step 4: Wait 4 minutes

At this point, you might want to make yourself a cup of tea. Or check your inbox.

You won’t want to get into anything too absorbing though: it takes, on average, just four minutes to begin receiving quotes.

Step 5: Choose your carrier

You’ll most likely get a few quotes from carriers… so you’ll have to choose between them. How?

Well, price is going to be a consideration. But carriers on HX also have feedback from other freight forwarders. So you’ll be able to see past performance and choose your carrier accordingly.

Oh, and all Exchange carriers have access to Trustd, pioneering technology that monitors compliance in real time.

By working with a Trustd carrier, you’ll always know who you’re working with and can always trust who you’re working with. It’s a new compliance standard in an industry where compliance is crucial.

Need load updates?

Not a problem. With HX’s tech, you can receive emails on load updates, you can make sure your customer receives load update emails, and you can even track the load’s location in real-time through our Freight Vision app.

As we like to say, with HX, freight forwarders don’t just get access to 50,000 vehicles on demand.

You get a tech suite to run make freight forwarding simple.

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The article was published on . It was updated on 30 April 2024 to make it more relevant and comprehensive.