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How much can you make on Haulage Exchange?

You might be a self-employed haulier looking to make more money. Or your multi-vehicle haulage company may need more loads. Either way, at some point, the question will have crossed your mind:

How much money can you make on Haulage Exchange?

The good news is you don’t need to guess. Because you can use our earnings calculator to find out.

The place to find regular haulage work for owner drivers

Haulage companies all over the UK need HGV owner-drivers and owner-operators like you.

Haulage Exchange makes it easy to find and quote on loads, thanks to our network of high-performing and carefully vetted haulage professionals.

Use the Exchange to find HGV owner-driver jobs and take your business to the next level.


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HGV haulage owner-driver job opportunities

Join Haulage Exchange for access to thousands of loads each month, posted by verified companies at competitive industry rates. Companies need reliable, hard-working haulage drivers, so you can build contacts for repeat HGV owner-driver jobs work to give you regular income.

Advertise your availability, location and future travel plans, and companies can also find you. Or quote on loads matching your vehicle, quickly and easily.

When you’re on the go, use our all-in-one app to connect to the Exchange:

  • Add your vehicles’ details and your documents for registration
  • Tell customers when you’re available and where you are
  • See loads that match your vehicles
  • Give haulage companies your price
  • Manage finances (invoices, costs and VAT)

Why work with us?

More than 20 years ago, Haulage Exchange was one of the very first digital road freight solutions. Using our knowledge of how HGV owner-drivers, haulage companies and freight forwarders work, we designed a system that helps load deliveries go smoothly.

Every month, nearly half a million freight movements go through the Exchange, all over the country. We’re the UK’s busiest and most trusted haulage exchange.

Why choose the Haulage Exchange

Add / edit your availability status and destination to get more loads.
Give great customer service with real-time status updates.
Easily manage your work, wherever you are.
‘One touch’ is all it takes to boost your courier business.
Stay ahead of the competition and win more work.

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From the moment we joined we immediately picked up new clients and it was a trend which was set to continue as our reputation within the Exchange grew. Being a member of the Exchange opened up new markets and generated continuous work.

Ryan Wicks, Falcon Print Transport