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Expose your fleet to 270,000+ loads

Our platform gives you access to thousands of loads posted daily. With a huge community of Haulage Businesses searching for seasoned hauliers, you can be certain that there will be a continuous supply of work to help you achieve your profit goals.

Put an end to dead mileage

Stop empty running from affecting your profit margins by using our ‘Return Journeys’ solution. Make every trip count with suitable loads matched to your vehicle for your journey back.

Share your availability

Advertise your availability, live position and empty return journeys on the Exchange to be found by thousands of haulage businesses. Have your location, size and availability matched to a load poster’s requirements and receive instant notifications from our platform or mobile app.

Get organised

Make your haulage business run extra smoothly with our digital diary. You can view all current and future load bookings in one place. You can also use your diary to see detailed reports on any completed or outstanding work or view your member feedback rating.

Subcontract reliable carriers

With 8,000+ members on Haulage Exchange all vetted and compliant, you are guaranteed the highest level of professionalism and service. You can also filter available carriers by adding your preferred delivery window, vehicle body and freight type.

Extra benefits included

To help your haulage business reach its full potential, here are additional tools included in your package.

The best haulage professionals, at your service.

With access to 8,000+ vetted and compliant haulage professionals, you are guaranteed the highest level of reliability. You can find the right carriers for the job, receive quotes and transact easily all without having to leave our platform.

Manage load quotes

Quickly and easily manage all your quotes in one place. Filter by amount, ETA, member feedback rating and vehicle specs.

Stay on top of your accounting

When work gets demanding, accounting should be simple. Our free invoicing tool and accounting solution, fully approved by HMRC, removes the headache of manual invoicing, making payments and chasing PODs. Now you can devote your full attention to what matters most – getting those loads where they need to be.

Optimise fleet efficiency

Get full control of your fleet in real-time: update vehicle statuses, tracked locations, future positions and even book return journeys. Set your vehicle’s visibility to either public or private and choose which vehicle generates notifications.

Stamp out dead mileage

Stop empty running from eating away your haulage profit margins. Your fleet's GPS works together with the Exchange to match suitable loads to your fleet based on their live location and vehicle specs.

Access 270,000+ loads

Get more haulage work with our real-time freight exchange. With an average of 5,000+ loads being uploaded to our system every single day, you'll see why thousands of transport professionals use the Exchange to grow their business.

Organise your workload

Streamline your workflow with all your current and upcoming bookings accessible in one place. Keep track of your loads, subcontractors and business partners at all times.

Expand your subcontractor network

Our platform's comprehensive directory will help you expand your network of reliable subcontractors and build a loyal database for recurring work. Before accepting a quote, you can view the member's feedback to know your load is in good hands.

Post loads

Keep your operations in full swing by posting your loads to our platform. Simply key-in information about your loads like pickup and delivery details, type of vehicle required, load weight and delivery window. You can also choose to post as a hotshot or backload.

Additional member benefits

As well as our top features, members can also take full advantage of
additional benefits included with every package

Subcontract carriers you can trust

With a network of 8,000+ vetted and compliant haulage professionals, you are guaranteed the highest level of reliability. Without needing to leave our platform, you're able to locate the right carriers for your load, receive quotes and transact instantly.

Manage load quotes

Manage every stage of the quoting process from one place without phone calls or emails. Quote on as many loads as you like and get responses in no time.

Streamline your accounting

Accounting can be easy with our digital solution approved by HMRC. Easily create invoices, PODs, and update payment statuses directly from the platform. Now you can have more time to focus on generating profit for your business.

Complete visibility of all your vehicles

Get total control over your fleet in real-time: update vehicle statuses, view live locations, future bookings and return journeys. Choose which vehicles will be seen by the Exchange or which vehicles will remain private, visible only to your business.

Browse vetted carriers

Expand your network with over 8,000 vetted and compliant professionals at your service. Whether you're an independent haulage company or 3PL provider with a complex supply chain, our directory will give you the extra support when you need it most.

Rely on member feedback

All our members get rated for each job they complete. Feedback goes both ways. Whether you're subcontracting work or doing the work as a 3PL provider, both parties will be given a rating post-completion. This way, both members are working towards a 5-star reputation on the Exchange.

Have your posted loads seen by 8,000+ members

If you have more freight work than you can handle or are looking to subcontract some of it, you can use our easy load-posting solution to make sure the right vehicle is matched to your load's criteria.

Manage load quotes in one place

Quickly and easily manage all your quotes, in one place. Filter, manage, accept and respond to quotes in no time, and cut down on costly phone time with our powerful business tools.

Go digital with your diary

Keeping track of your loads, drivers, business partners and fleet of vehicles has never been easier. Simplify your admin with our digital diary, perfect for haulage companies and 3PL providers who want accurate reporting and the ability to manage current or outstanding work.

Additional member benefits

As well as our top features, members can also take full advantage of
additional benefits included with every package

Tap into 270,000+ loads

Thousands of loads are posted daily to our real-time freight exchange platform. If you're a haulage professional, this is the best place to be to find a constant supply of work.

Say goodbye to empty running

Keep your vehicles running at full capacity with our backload-matching solution. Using live locations and your fleet specs, we can match suitable loads going the same way as your returning carriers.

Gain more control over your accounting

With our smart accounting solution, it removes the headaches of invoicing, making payments and chasing PODs. Now you can save time on admin and dedicate more time to bringing in business!

Get full control over your fleet

Update every vehicle's status, tracked location, future position and return journeys. Set each vehicle's visibility on the Exchange to either public or private and decide which vehicles generate notifications.

We love the live tracking feature and the platform's smart load matching system.
It generates a steady supply of back loads, meaning our vans return home fully laden far more often than not.

Mark Sergeant, Diamond Logistics

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Simple dashboard with comprehensive tools.
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Make informed decisions for your team based on their location and availability.
Monitor your fleet activity in one place.


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