Cut invoice and payment processing admin by 80%.

Finance Manager.
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Finance Manager makes paying subcontractors simple.

It prevents duplicate invoices. It puts an end to manual data entry. It limits inbound calls; integrates with accounting systems like Sage, Xero and QuickBooks; and makes resolving queries effortless.

With Finance Manager, you can cut payment processing admin by 80%. So you can spend less time on needless admin. And more time moving freight.

Cut payment admin with Finance Manager

No more paperwork

Receive a single, digital invoice and a single, digital POD. Eliminate the need to reconcile duplicates. See a job, its POD and invoice all in one screen.

End manual data entry

Export up-to-date, digital subcontractor details into a CSV in seconds. Or sync the data to your accounting system automatically. End manual data entry.

Effortless communication

Cut chase calls
with transparent
statuses to
suppliers. Queries
are raised and
resolved faster with
on-platform updates.

80% time reduction in processing invoices! Manual workload has reduced drastically. We have gone greener, better for the planet.

Rachel Hamilton, Stellar Despatch. Exchange member since 2009

I heavily rely on it and manage the status of the invoice online from pending to scheduled payment. The system is really helpful to us and if I’m honest, I don’t think we could cope without it.

Terry Chester, Walkers. Exchange member since 2014

Hauliers without Finance Manager…

Hauliers with Finance Manager…

…must match orders, PODs and invoices manually.

…reconcile orders, PODs and invoices digitally and instantly.

…receive duplicate digital and paper invoices and waste time reconciling the two.

…receive a single digital invoice that they never need to digitise, saving hours of manual invoice processing.

…must call subcontractors to query invoices, which adds yet more admin to payment processing.

…raise queries instantly with digital messages that remain recorded in Finance Manager.

…receive calls from subcontractors chasing payments that distract you from more important things.

…send automatic updates to subcontractors as they process invoices, eliminating interruptive calls.

…manually add data to accounting systems, wasting yet more time on a menial task.

…sync data to leading accounting packages automatically, slashing admin time while avoiding data entry errors.

…can’t see how much they owe subcontractors, which makes payment runs erratic.

…get automatically updating totals of upcoming outgoings, which help inform decision making.

For those who keep freight moving.