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Why Choose Haulage Exchange?

Haulage Exchange is the number one platform for haulage contracts. From owner-drivers to freight forwarding companies to large firms, haulage businesses come to us as a top resource for commissioning or finding delivery work.

Support When You Require It

With Haulage Exchange’s services you are able to get maximum profit from delivery work by taking advantage of access to dependable and effective drivers and firms who can take on any excess haulage contracts that you need to subcontract.

It Makes Business Sense

You’ll find more than 22,000 active lorries and 170,000 haulage contracts listed monthly on our website to help those who want delivery work find those who need a haulier to deliver their load. This live database guarantees that drivers maximise their profits by making sure their vehicles never operate empty. In addition, freight forwarding companies can find available drivers to deliver their loads reliably and cost effectively.

Nurturing Long-Term Relationships

Our service allows all stake-holders, owner-drivers, haulage companies, and freight forwarders to build a solid, trustworthy network of business contracts. All of our members are vetted before they go on our database and, in addition, all haulage jobs – from freight forwarding to return loads – receive feedback which you can consult whenever you want.

Guaranteeing Quality

We vet all members who want to bid for available haulage contracts when they join the Haulage Exchange community before we add them to our online list. Our stakeholders contribute to the freight exchange service whether they are owner-drivers, freight forwarders or haulage companies. Everyone who makes use of this platform can be sure that our high standards of quality are maintained by all our members. We also provide a feedback system to give peace of mind when you commission any delivery work.

Key Stats

Whether you need a vehicle or you operate a vehicle, let our online platform maximise your profitability with:
– More than 170,000 haulage contracts available in a monthly list to give you more work and more profit.
– Networking opportunities with more than 5,000 member businesses to expand your contacts.
– A system to enhance your credibility rating – we can make sure that you never need to say no to delivery work.
– Notification of available delivery work direct to your inbox for your convenience and effective time management.

The Stats


worth of contracts undertaken
annually by our members


loads added to the Exchange
last year


of jobs secured by our members
are paid on time or early

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