Get paid faster.</br> Focus more on moving freight.

Finance Manager.
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Finance Manager makes hauliers’ lives easy. It automatically sends PODs. It issues accurate invoices instantly. And records absolutely everything.

With Finance Manager, haulage companies get paid faster. And you get unrivalled invoice visibility – ensuring your invoices never slip by unpaid.

Get paid faster with Finance Manager

Get paid faster

Pre-populate invoices so they’re always 100% accurate. Then send them in a single click. Check in on payment statuses at any point – and get paid faster as a result.

Track your cashflow

See your total income in seconds. See when your customers are due to pay. See the invoices you need to issue and overdue invoices – and chase them in seconds.

End manual payment management

Eliminate the stress of manual payment management. Spend less time worrying about getting paid… and focus more on moving freight.

It’s massively faster, I take only 7-10 seconds per invoice. Finance Manager also tells me straight away bookings that need invoicing.

Stephen Stockton, DTE Limited. Exchange member since 2019

Super quick and easy to use. Seamless integration with Xero.

Jon Regler, Astral Couriers. Exchange member since 2002

Hauliers without Finance Manager…

Hauliers with Finance Manager…

…spend hours on admin and invoicing when time is already scarce.

…spend seconds on admin and invoicing, winning them valuable time in the working day.

…create new invoices manually, running the risk of making mistakes.

…send pre-populated invoices, eliminating typos that can cause issues.

…can never be certain customers have received invoices, which can cause payment delays.

…can see which customers have and haven’t received invoices, which minimises payment delays.

…get interruptive calls from customers querying invoices, which are easy to miss.

…receive invoice queries through Finance Manager, which they can resolve in seconds.

…must manually check they’ve invoiced for jobs, which means yet more time lost to admin.

…can see every load for which they need to invoice, and can send pre-populated invoices in one click.

…rely on drivers to complete paperwork, which is problematic when they’re out on the road.

…empower drivers to complete their “paperwork” through the Finance Manager app, which is easy – even when they’re on the road.

For those who keep freight moving.