Falcon Print Transport

As its name suggests, Falcon Print Transport specialises in the delivery of printed material throughout the UK and Europe.

Established 35 years ago the company has gone from strength to strength building an enviable customer portfolio. However, recognising the dangers of being so exposed to just one market, the company’s Managing Director, Ryan Wicks took the deci- sion 18 months ago to join Haulage Exchange in a bid to further broaden Falcon’s horizons.

Based in Stratford, East London Falcon recognised that because much of its business comprised dedicated time critical loads, its fleet of 20 vehicles which range from small vans to 26 tonnes were massively under-utilised with 95% of vehicles driving back empty.

Since joining the Exchange, Falcon has seen business grow massively, opening up a host of new opportunities for the company.

Ryan Wicks cannot speak highly enough of the Exchange and the impact on the business. “It’s been amazing,” he said. “Whilst we still have a thriving business in print, the Exchange has given us a new direction marking a new chapter in Falcon’s history.

From the moment we joined we immediately picked up new clients and it was a trend which was set to continue as our reputation within the Exchange grew. Being a member of the Exchange opened up new markets and generated continuous work.

Now an established member with a reputation for providing exemplary levels of customer service, Falcon is often approached directly for their delivery services.

Nevertheless, every transaction is managed by the Exchange together with all invoicing which Ryan says is a major advantage. “The fact that the Exchange can manage the administrative function is a big plus. It means our staff are not burdened with the task, but more importantly the Exchange works on a 30 day payment basis which provides us with a steady flow of income which in turn aids cashflow.”

The business flow is not however all one way. Falcon also takes advantage of the benefits the Exchange can do for its own work, for example if they needed a specialist vehicle for a particular job. Ryan Wicks continued: “It’s a win win for everyone. The fact that we have access to each and every one of the Exchange’s members means that whatever request a customer may have, the likelihood is that we will be able to meet that need fast.

“Additionally the new work we are doing has opened up a lot of local business which was a first for us. That said it has been hugely successful and has produced so much revenue that it equates to a couple of clients put together.”

He concluded: “I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Exchange. It really has given us a tremendous boost to our business and has provided a strong platform which will enable us to continue to grow and develop.”

Falcon Print Transport has recently taken advantage of an agreement between the Exchange and TomTom Telematics that enables the company to use live data from the WEBFLEET tracking system. By integrating the telematics technology with the freight trading platform, Falcon Print is now able to better promote the availability of 10 vehicles within its owned transport fleet, as well as provide added peace of mind to its trading partners.

Since integrating WEBFLEET with the Exchange, we have seen an increase in the number of incoming job opportunities because other members can see exactly where our vehicles are and if they are available.

Barry Wicks

Meanwhile, trading partners can also use the live tracking data to view the whereabouts and progress of their loads whilst in transit to provide added visibility and peace of mind.

“We can now quickly and efficiently show where a particular vehicle is to demonstrate we are delivering on our service promise. Sometimes it is important to prove we are doing the job properly and the integration is the simplest way of achieving this.”

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