With over 3,000 customers and more than 20,000 active connections, RitAssist is one of the largest providers of GPS systems in Europe and serves countless large, medium and small customers.

Our solutions

With the powerful GPS solutions from RitAssist you always have a grip on your fleet. Our fleet management system promotes safe driving behaviour, increases drivers productivity, saves fuel and connects your fleet with smart applications.

Our most important modules:

Trip registration

A 100% comprehensive accountability towards the tax authorities with our comprehensive trip registration. Of course provided with the RRS quality mark.

Track and trace system

24/7 real-time insight into the current position and status of your vehicles. An indispensable tool for planners.

Green driving

Analyze the fuel consumption and driving behavior of your employees and help them drive better, more economically and more safely.

Tacho download

Fully automatic download of the .ddd files of your trucks and driver passes. Developed in collaboration with VDO.

Our partners

Smart logistics manager - Haulage Exchange
Neil Porter Associates - Haulage Exchange


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