Satmo vehicle tracking has been specifically developed in the UK for anyone wanting to gain back control of their fleet using vehicle tracking systems which use GPS to track the vehicles position.

We differ from the majority of companies out there offering vehicle tracking as we have our own in-house development team who can adapt the system to meet your exact needs. You shouldn’t have to ‘make do’ with a system that was written for a generic business, get one that works for you.

A vital tool you can’t ignore

GPS vehicle tracking systems are rapidly becoming a vital tool for many business owners. In fact, nearly all businesses who have a fleet, large or small, are considering tracking systems as a way to improve their efficiency and in effect, increase profitability.

Out of sight, out of mind

Covertly fitted trackers can provide you with the information that you need regarding timesheets, mileage, private vehicle use and vehicle speed without the need for driver input so you can see exactly what is happening in real time with your vehicle.

Packages to suit all business types

The Satmo vehicle tracking solution comes in 2 easy to use packages starting with LITE, a basic entry level tracking system allowing new users to easily access the data they need regarding their fleet, through to PRO which is a more involved system allowing all manner of reports to be accessed giving total visibility of the fleet. With tracking data being transmitted between every 5 to 30 seconds we can find the right package for your business needs.

Benefits of tracking your fleet

  • Reduce costs by being able to ensure your workforce works smarter and more efficiently
  • Manage your duty of care by knowing exactly where your mobile workforce is
  • Reduce overtime & increase productivity by using our reporting suite
  • Improve customer service by ensuring you always send the closest driver to a job

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