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We know that not everyone has large trucks and wants to transport huge amounts of freight. We also know there’s a great need for light haulage, especially for unusual-sized freight.

The Exchange is the perfect place for light haulage owner-drivers looking for work.

More business, less admin

Sometimes it’s hard to find regular work, especially if you have a smaller vehicle. But we have thousands of loads posted each month, offering attractive rates for transporting light haulage loads.

As you build your reputation and contacts on the Exchange, you’ll develop relationships with customers and a reliable source of income. Getting repeat business will save you time and money.

When you’re on the go, use our all-in-one mobile app to connect to the Exchange:

  • Add your vehicles’ details and your documents for registration
  • Tell customers when you’re available and where you are
  • See haulage loads that match your vehicles
  • Give haulage companies your price
  • Manage finances (invoices, costs and VAT)

Why work with us?

We’ve been in the haulage business for 20 years, as one of the first companies to use digital freight solutions. We’re now the market leader.

Every month, almost half a million loads are moved using our Exchange.


loads posted to HX in 2023


members – more than any other UK freight platform


average member-to-member positive feedback rating

Learn how we can help you

Speak to our team of experts today: call 020 8993 7100 to find out more.

From the moment we joined we immediately picked up new clients and it was a trend which was set to continue as our reputation within the Exchange grew. Being a member of the Exchange opened up new markets and generated continuous work.

Ryan Wicks, Falcon Print Transport

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