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Haulage Exchange case study - Supply Chain Solutions

TVS Supply Chain Solutions is a market leader and global provider of world class, end-to-end supply chain services across a variety of sectors. They specialise in providing revenue growth, inventory reduction and operating costs reduction. They have multiple distribution centres and forward stock locations at strategic points around the globe, with over 4 million sq. ft of warehouse space. They also have access to a global distribution fleet, working with some of the best and most proficient carriers in the marketplace. This means that they can ship products however and whenever their customers require.

The Haulage Exchange has helped TVS Supply Chains Solutions to run their day to day operations more efficiently, here’s how;

Members since: 30/05/2017

What prompted your initial interest to join the Haulage Exchange?

We paid a visit to our current providers and I noticed that they were members of the Haulage Exchange, so we thought we would give it a shot!

Before joining the Exchange, what problems or obstacles did you face?

We were not dealing with the drivers directly, we would go through a third party which can result in things being lost in translation. But with the Haulage Exchange, we have the details of the drivers and we deal with them day in, day out.

How did you run your operations before joining the Exchange?

We would give the jobs to a selection of companies and pay our margins on that.

What would you say are the 3 best features of the Haulage Exchange?

Dealing with drivers directly

Getting backloads at good rates

A feedback system that allows you to rate drivers and determine their reliability

Has the platform helped you overcome any problems?

Joining the Exchange has reduced our costs and enabled us to effectively communicate with drivers.

What difference does the Haulage Exchange make to your everyday activities?

It has allowed us to cut out the middlemen in our operations so that we can deal with the drivers directly.

Would you recommend the Exchange to others?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, I have already recommended it to people I know, because the Haulage Exchange is working for us, therefore I’m confident others will love it too.

Do you use the Exchange to get extra capacity when you need it? If so, has it had an impact on the size of the fleet you need to operate? For instance, have you been able to retire older vehicles.

Getting backloads has become much easier but we do not have a fleet or drivers as we just post work out. However, the Haulage Exchange has helped us build our own network of reliable drivers which has made our operations significantly more effective and efficient.