How Virtus Logistics expanded their business in the UK with Haulage Exchange


Polish company, Virtus Logistics, is a transport company with over 150 drivers that operate all over Europe. After building regular contracts with drivers across the UK – both subcontractors and their own drivers – they decided to join HX in February 2023 to better control and expand their business. 

After only 2 months of operating on HX, Virtus has already generated a revenue of five times their initial investment. UK Account Manager, Robert Lakomski, talks about these past few months. 

2 months

As an HX member


Loads taken from platform


Return on investment


Virtus Logistics already had established business in the UK. However, as Robert quickly realised, Virtus needed to operate on a reputable and protected platform to properly manage the vast quantity of UK drivers and subcontractors they employed. 

People were surprised to hear we weren’t using the Exchange already. And when we looked up all the information we could find, we realised the Exchange would be useful for us.

Robert Lakomski, UK Account Manager, Virtus Logistics

In effort to stay on top of bookings, Virtus has also utilised the features HX offers. One way is by integrating a HX-partnered tracking software, to better track drivers and subcontractors while they complete their bookings. 

Robert adds that,

Joining HX was part of a bigger plan to get our traders regular jobs in the UK.

Robert Lakomski, UK Account Manager, Virtus Logistics

He also doubles down on the security of HX: “One of the main things we love about the Exchange is how users are all verified. We want to keep our business clean and free of scammers.”


Within just two months on HX, Robert realised he didn’t need other logistics platforms.

HX is a streamlined platform – it’s our main tool for expanding our business in the UK. It’s the only platform we need.

Robert Lakomski, UK Account Manager, Virtus Logistics

Now HX is Virtus’s main tool for loading trucks in the UK. “HX has helped grow our business significantly within the UK.” He adds that HX is “better than other UK platforms” because his drivers find regular work, quickly and easily. 

The results speak for themselves. Since joining, Virtus Logistics have collaborated with over twenty logistics partners. And, in the two months they’ve been on the platform, they’ve secured 457% return on investment (ROI)


In the space of a couple of months, Virtus has collaborated with new partners, integrated telematics to optimise their business, and made a hefty profit. Robert’s parting words of encouragement are happy and hopeful for the future:

There are real advantages to joining HX. We are happy and we can see it’s a great tool for our business – we’re excited to see what’ll happen in another few months.

Robert Lakomski, UK Account Manager, Virtus Logistics

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