Even if you’re a company that focuses on taking work off of the Exchange, rather than posting work on for others, there may be times when you’re unavailable to do a job for your client. When this happens, having a strong network of transport professionals at your fingertips is indispensable. Malkit Bhamra of Speedit Couriers discovered this when a local client asked if he could transport a load for him. Though Malkit was busy with another contract he didn’t want to let his client down. Luckily, as an Exchange member, Malkit was able to tap into his professional network and find a way to get the job done. We spoke to him about the experience.

It was a busy day for Malkit. He’d just secured an all-day contract transporting loads between Lincoln and Oxford – a job he just couldn’t refuse. As an owner driver, however, this meant he had no time to deal with any other requests from clients or Exchange members. He had his hands full.

“I was working for another company on that particular day and I was very lucky that day working for them – they had me busy. I was very busy.

Things were going brilliantly until, halfway through the day, Malkit received a call asking if he could carry an urgent load from Gilford to Birmingham. If it had been anyone else, Malkit could have just told them he was too busy and politely declined. However, this call was from a client in his local area – he did not want to disappoint.

“I thought ‘well I’ve got to say yes, I can’t refuse them’. You know, I didn’t want to let my customer down, because they are just around the corner from me so there’s a lot of business potential there

In an effort to get the job covered, Malkit got in contact with friend of his who has a courier service in the area – it seemed like the best chance of getting the job covered quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, on this occasion, his friend was unable to do the job meaning Malkit needed another option.

“I phoned a mate of mine who was down in Kent and I asked him to do it. He’s a good lad, good company – he gives me work and sometimes I give him work. But he said ‘no Mal, sorry, I can’t do it’”

Luckily, as a member of the Exchange, Malkit had grown himself a vast network of couriers he trusted based all over the UK and knew just the guy to call – Kam Sandhar of Mak Couriers.

“I decided to phone Kam of MAK Couriers. He gives me a lot of work when he’s got work in Birmingham. So I phoned him, and said ‘Kam, can you help me out with this?’ and he was more than happy to help! He put it on the CX, sorted out the driver and paid for it all. He didn’t charge me anything!”

Despite Malkit usually being the one transporting loads for Kam, their long-standing relationship meant Kam was glad to help-out a friend in need. Not only this, but Kam didn’t ask for anything in return being simply content with doing Malkit a favour.

“You know, I made X amount out of the job, and he’s not charged me anything for it. I was completely overwhelmed with his help. He’s not made any money out of it – he’s just done it as a big favour.”

This truly shows the value of networking and building professional relationships within the industry. Collaboration means that you’re able to depend on others when you need it most, which nowadays is a crucial part of running a successful transport company.

“I don’t have the words to explain how much appreciation I have for the guy. Mainly, he gives me work and we have a great working relationship. But yes, it works both ways – and this time it has really worked in my favour”